Monday, March 8, 2010

Exceptional Contest, Cool Awards and a Bodybugg...

My dear friend, Susan (pictured here with author Peter Jacobi), and I got to spend some little  quality time together this weekend.   (Me...full of smiles)  We talked about books, agents, submissions and blogs.  We even played games  (Susan and Sharon with big smiles...husbands...not so much).  If you haven't checked Susan out, please do.              

To my surprise, Susan presented me with a Creative Writer Award last month.   I've been directed to tell six untruths and one truth, so here I go...

  1. I was born in England in 1963.  I lived in a house with no toilet or bathtub.  We only had water in the kitchen sink.

  2. I moved to America when I was 10.  I moved to North Dakota and was super excited because the toilet was inside the house!

  3. I married my high school sweetheart.  We dated for two years, got married and had a baby right away.

  4. I was a disc jockey on a local radio station in college.  I interviewed former President Bill Clinton and Miss USA, Terry Utley.

  5. I've met Bill Clinton, Dale Bumpers, Sam and Helen Walton and J.B. Hunt.  Helen Walton told me that if your husband didn't see you eat cake, the calories didn't count and J.B. told my husband he married above his head.

  6. I once ate 3 Mc Rib sandwiches and a large order of fries.  (Ah, to be young again...)

  7. When I was in Costa Rica (last year) I touched an alligator. 
HMMM....Which one is true?  (The big reveal and pass the award along is  tomorrow.)

The lovely ladies, Bethany and Suzette, at Shoot Star awarded me the Silver Lining award for venturing into the 21st Century.  I did a two part Skype interview with literary agent Mark McVeigh.  Bethany and Suzette are having an AWESOME CONTEST!!!  Suzette's agent is giving away a 40 page critique!!!!  So hop over and fill out their easy form.  Good luck everyone!

How many of you are numbers people...detail orientated...  I bought a Bodybugg today.  I spent a huge chunk of the day on the computer figuring it out (hopefully).   I'm looking forward to checking it at the end of each day to see if I had a calorie deficit.  I can't wait to add another column to my workout spread sheet. Does anyone have a bodybugg?  Have you had any success with it? 


  1. So much fun, Sharon. They all sound like they could be true. You tell great fibs. But I will pick No. 7. Just a wild guess. (Smiles)

  2. thinking you did not actually eat that much at McD's. Just by the look of you. heh heh.

    the body bug sounds interesting. Way to go with the McVeigh interview!

  3. I'll guess #3 as the truth. :)
    Congrats on the Skype session with Mark McVeigh. A friend had hers and she said he's very friendly and easy to talk to. Enjoy.

  4. Congrats on the awards! Your cat is adorable. I want to pick him up and smoosh him. I have no idea which one is truth! They're all very interesting!

  5. A Body Bugg! Never heard of it, but it sounds ... interesting. Let us know how it goes. (Your kitty is beautiful.)

  6. Buffy--Good guess, but not the right one. I did touch something in Costa Rica, but not an alligator. (They don't have alligators.)

    Terry--Good guess, but not the right one. I did eat a huge meal one time at McDonald's and it did involve McRibs...

  7. Karen--Thanks for stopping by. I enjoy reading your blog. :) Nope, I didn't marry my high school sweetheart...I'm not even sure if I had a high school sweetheart. Who is your friend? I knew a good portion of the people who got to skype with Mark.

    Jill--Thanks. He's my baby. He's a Maincoon. He follows me around like a puppy. He's getting up there in years...he's almost 9. I had no idea I could exagerate and twist the truth so easily. It was a fun activity.

    MG--Thanks...He's snuggled up on my arm right now...he keeps putting his foot on my mousepad. I've burned 1021 calories since midnight...I'm enjoying looking at the numbers of calories burned. (I'm such a number nut...I feel a new spreadsheet just burning inside me.)

  8. What fun! They are all wonderful lies. I'm guessing #5 is the truth. What is a body bugg?!

  9. Melissa--You could be right...but how would someone who lives in Iowa meet any of those people???

    A bodybugg measures how many calories you burn a day. The people on biggest loser wear them (and now I do too). My weight is not where I want it to be, I'm working out 3-5 days a week, 2-3 hours a session, watching what I eat and not seeing any progress. I went to see a doctor that has an interest in weight loss. She suggested getting one to figure out my basel rate (metabolism rate). So I'll give it a shot.

  10. My guess is number 5. :)
    Congrats on the awards!!

  11. My money's on #5 as well. YAY for the awards. Big smiles all around. :)

  12. Hi!

    Congratulations with your awards!!!

    For your Creative Writer Blogger Award:
    I like #3 to be the truth cos I'm an old sop! But I also like thought of you meeting Bill Clinton so.... 4 or 5?!?!? 4!


    And I do like the Silver Lining Award - welcome to the 21Century!


    I have no idea about buddybug but I love the cat!

    Take care

  13. Kelly--Hmmm, you could be right. Thanks. :)

  14. DL--I'm betting you know their connection... :-)

  15. Kitty--Thanks. :) My big reveal is tonight (after American Idol).

    Stripes is a doll. He follows me around like a puppy. He'll sit on the headrest of what ever chair I'm sitting in. The first time he sat on top of my office chair I was sure he would fall off, but he hasn't yet.

  16. Wait...I'm not sure about the McRib, but the rest of those all have a grain of truth. You are making this. Too. Hard. :)

    I've never heard of a body bugg. Is it something you turn loose in your body and it eats the food you eat before it can turn into fat? If so, I WANT ONE!!!!

  17. Amy--It was before my vegetarian days...

    I wish the bodybugg did that! It just measures your calories expended. You plug it into your computer and put in your food for the day, you are to use up or eat 500 calories less a day. Which gives you weight loss of one pound per week. I got it last night, so tonight will be my first try at syncing it to the computer.