Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I’d like to give a “shout out” to ten of my special blog friends and the marvelous Mark McVeigh.

Thursday night Agent Mark McVeigh announced a contest on Twitter. If you joined his (new) blog and convinced ten friends to become followers he would grant you a fifteen minute Skype chat or a phone call. After the first seven commenters (which included five of my blog friends and me), Mark granted eight of us fifteen minutes with him. I would like to thank: Kelly, Shelley, Susan, Just Joany, Old Kitty, DL Hammons, Amy, Suzette, Jackee and Judith. I’d also like to thank Mark for this opportunity. He was pushing Skype (pretty hard), so I did it…I got a webcam and joined the 21st Century.

Skype is actually pretty fun. Tonight, after I ironed out the kinks, I chatted via Skype with writing buddy Susan Fields. Thanks to Mark, I know of six new Skype customers. Skype is FREE and EASY to use! If you don’t have a webcam, I just bought a middle-of-the-line one at an unnamed large electronics store for about $35.

If you missed Mark’s contest, never fear…He will be holding another one during the first week of April. So go, follow him, read his wise and often humorous words and wait for the next opportunity to visit with him.

TIP FOR THE DAY: Try new social networks and technology…You never know when they might lead YOU to something marvelous.

QUESTION FOR THE DAY: What social networks do you use and which ones do you use the most?


  1. For my writing, I would say that I use Twitter and my blog the most. I even have a Twitter account for my fictional character, @Grandma_Dorothy.
    As a newspaper editor, I manage 8 Twitter accounts, multiple Facebook accounts, multiple Web sites, e-newsletters, etc.
    I also help manage the Facebook account for my church.
    I also participate in some great tweetchats. I'm thankful for being able to connect with people like you, Sharon, who have enriched my life and have encouraged me when I really needed to be encouraged. Thank you for that.

  2. Thank you, Sharon, for telling us about this opportunity and bringing us lucky five followers along with you! My skype chat with Mark was wonderful, he's such a great guy!

    I use Facebook some, but now blogging's taken over most of my time. I still don't understand Twitter, I'll have to have you explain it to me sometime (like the next time you visit StL!)

  3. Buffy--WOW, that is a LOT of networking! I don't know how you manage to do anything else!

    I only encourage you because I think ELLA'S DANCE is wonderful! (Well, you seem like a nice person too.)

    Susan--Holy Cow...we skyped last night! It seems like it was just yesterday that we learned how to blog.

    I'm glad your visit with Mark went well. :) Based on what I have read, it sounds like he's a good man.

    I'm not the person to give you lessons on Twitter (Amy). I have my Twitter home bookmarked. When I open it, I cross my fingers and hope I'll understand what is going on. :)

  4. I'm going to do the Skype thing, too! I like that not only is Mark helping us with the call, but pushing us to use new technology!
    When I do install skype this week, would you mind if I tried it out with you for a test call??? Thanks!!

  5. Kelly--No problem, call away! My email is skmayh(at)q(dot)com. Let me know what time you want to test it. You can download it anytime. I did it on Saturday, but bought a newer webcam yesterday. The only problem I had was I hadn't changed the microphone from the old webcam version to the new one. I talked to Susan's husband on and off for about an hour a half before I figured out the problem.

    I appreciate the push with Skype too...I'm going to try and get my Grandad in England to get on it. He's 90 and just bought his first computer. :)

  6. I am getting my camera today...am super nervous about using it, though....afraid I'll do it wrong. Yikes!


  7. Shelley--You can email me and set up a practice Skype, if you want. I told Kelly the same thing. Susan talked with Mark yesterday! She and her (gracious) husband put up with my practicing last night. You will do fine with Mark, my goodness...How many books do you have published?


  8. so glad you had such fun with this! I'll skype someday ... it's on the to do list.

  9. Tess--It's free and it's fun! All you need is a webcam. :)

  10. I've been talking about Skype forever. I think I'll go to the store today and get set up. I have family and friends all over the country and a 20-something step-daughter on the east coast. It would be nice to see them for a chat!

    Thanks for dragging my into the future! :)

  11. Some technology I embrace immediately, others (like Skype) not so much. But the way your describe it, it sounds easy and fun and probably worth a try.

  12. I'm on Facebook, but I don't really enjoy it. I guess I'm pretty limited to my blog world, but I'm happy here! :-)

  13. Amy--You'll be able to see Susan and me and vise versa! (Happy Dance)

    MG--I was rather scared of the idea at first, but last night I had fun talking to Susan...it was rather funny as her husband (virtually) carried me up the stairs to her. It was like I was there. I feel like I've taken huge steps in the last twelve months; FB, Blogging, linkedin (lurker), YAlit, Twitter and now Skype. I was the person who was sacred to use a cell phone 14 years ago, in case I got it wrong. I think it's worth a try. GO FOR IT!

    Shannon--You, my friend, are one serious blogger! You are everywhere! I might have found a blog, this morning, that you haven't commented on yet.

  14. Hi, Sharon! Good luck with the interview, and honestly, don't worry about the mix-up. I saw what Mark McVeigh had posted and knew it was the first few people that commented. No hard feelings at all.

    (And congrats!)

  15. Your most welcome Sharon, anything for a pal. As for as social media goes, I'm on Facebook and Myspace, although I only check Myspace once in a blue moon because most of the people I knew there have switched to Facebook. I have a Twitter account and I follow what people post, but I don't tweet. I would have to say that of all of it...I spend 90% of my time reading, commenting, and writing blogs.

  16. Jackee--Like I said, I'm so sorry for the mix up. If you ever need a set of fresh eyes on a piece, let me know. :) I owe you one.

    DL--I've never been on Myspace. A friend had a very bad experience with a guy she met there. It kind of freaked me out...

    So that's why you are quiet on Twitter...you are a lurker. I usually do the same thing. :)

    I'm glad you blog and hope you ae finding plenty of time to write.

  17. I've heard of Skype, but I haven't actually used it myself.

    Right now blogging is my biggest social media outlet.

  18. Tamika--I would have never taken the plunge with skype if it weren't for Mark McVeigh's contest. Today I almost forgot to pick up my daughter from school, I was chatting via skype with Amy from Invisible Sister. Skype is too much fun, easy and FREE. I hope you take a chance with it. :)

  19. Hi

    Awww! CONGRATUTALIONS with your skyping and your talk with Mr McVeigh! Wow!! Have you spoken with him yet? It all sound so exciting. And such a wonderful opportunity.

    What social networks do I use most?

    Blogs! I love blogging! I really really do.


    Take care

  20. Kitty--He granted you a conversation too! Go look at the post, it was about 8:30a.m. U.S. time. He said to contact Linda and she would pass along his information.

  21. I haven't skyped yet but I need to check it out! I basically use the usual suspects, facebook, linked in, and twitter. Good luck with your interview :-)

  22. Melissa--It's amazingly easy! I was nervous about doing something new, but it was great fun once I figured out how to get my mic. to work. Thanks for the good wishes. :)