Friday, January 1, 2010

TRAVEL TOES AND untraditional New Year's Day discussion

Everyone in the blog world seems to be talking about resolutions and goals. I thought I'd give you a link to an awesome post on QueryTracker.  I'll be discussing writing goals next week.

I have a couple blog-friend updates: Karen and Falen winners of my Three Wishes Contest have good things going on. Karen is hosting a great New Year's Resolution contest.  Falen, who is super funny, started her own blog. I hope you'll hop over to their blogs and check them out.  Later this week, another WAD member will be joining the blogging world. Diana Calio, artist and writer, will be launching her website soon.

Planes, trains, or automobiles...No matter how much luxury I travel in, I end up with swollen ankles. After only six hours in our new Tahoe, my ankles began to swell to the size of grapefruits. Is this a normal reaction to traveling for a relatively fit forty-something woman? I drink water, limit caffeine and salt. I stretch my legs, do ankle and toe circles...and yet, I end up with cantaloupe sized ankles (after twelve hours in the Tahoe). I realize this isn't the most lady-like discussion, but it's a real concern for me. (I can't write or read with swollen ankles.)

Does this happen to you? Do you know anyone who has swollen toes and ankles? Any suggestions?


  1. Its nice site..and cool picture
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  2. Thank you for the links-- I will check them out. ANd no-- never got swollen ankles from riding. My knees will hurt from being stuck in the same position but that's all.

  3. hmmm, it does not happen to me, nor have I heard of it happening to anyone I know. Limiting salt would have been my first guess, but i see you do that.
    Circulation issues? I had a friend with Lupus who swore by a meganetic necklace to help improve her circulation - maybe you could find some anklets?

    Also Karen's blog looks awesome

  4. I'm excited to read about writing goals for sure... I try to promise myself to make resolutions throughout the year and not just for new years!

  5. Bejeus--Thanks for stopping by. Have a great 2010!

    Terri--Hmmm...My knees hurt too, but I'm sure that's from not working out for a week and a half. I look forward to getting on the treadmill for a little run today. I hope the links are useful.

    Falen--Thankfully, everything is back to normal now. I think I'll ask on my next doctor's appointment. Your new blog looks great!

    Hermoine--Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to do that too. The first step will be revising my business plan.

    Best Wishes, friends, for 2010!

  6. I've never driven anywhere for 12 hours, so I wouldn't know...I wonder if an asprin or two before takeoff would help, slim the blood and all that.

  7. We take long drives on a regular basis and we've never had any leg problems like you're describing. I really think you should talk to a doctor about it. It must be a sign of something. I hope it clears up. And that you have a Happy New Year!

  8. Anita--I was wondering about doing that too. While we were on our trip I saw something on TV about taking asprin before flying on long trips. It's nice to hear someone else has heard that too.

    Mary Anne--I hope you have a great New Year too. I'm going to bring it up with my doctor. We are flying to Miami in the spring and I don't want to start our cruise with fat feet!

  9. I have heard of a remedy of putting your feet up on the wall for 2 minutes every night. I know it sounds odd but it something I have heard done. Be sure to ask your doctor first.

  10. Tom--Hmmm...I think you are pulling my leg! I can imagine you laughing as I put my legs up every night. :)