Monday, December 14, 2009


It is so cold today.  My post tonight is very very very brief because my fingers are still trying to recover from my afternoon snow blowing adventure.  A thin coat of ice is under the snow....So if you try to drive your snow blower up the driveway, it will NOT move.  It sits and spins...I finally got it up to the top, parked it and hand shoveled the rest of the drive.  To say the least ,my hands are still stinging and its been several hours...So I'm going to have a cup of hot chocolate (or something) and try to warm up.

I hope all is well where you live. 

Do you have any good warming up after snow blowing/removal ideas?  I think I need a little file of them. 


  1. Here in L.A. it was sunny with high 60's. But this morning I did turn the heat on for a while because it was really cold-- probably low 50's. Here's a good warming up tip-- move to someplace like L.A. Enjoy the snow!
    Did you see the nice write up I got at:


  2. That's great Lee! I'll have to check it in the morning! It's late here and my fingers are still a bit numb (snow)!

    I'd like to move somewhere where I could be an agent's or editor's flunky. But, my hubby makes too much money for us to risk that...

    I swear tomorrow, I'll get a query together for one of my "folktales."

  3. You should go visit Mary at Play off the Page. She had some snow-blowing fun today, too. We had six inches over the weekend. Ugh!

  4. Shannon---I love you in that friendly blogging way, but we had 13.7 inches last Wednesday and another 1.5 today...In some spot today it was a good 14 inches throw through. I want a car shovel for Christmas! I need more of those hot pocket things too.

  5. Yuck. I don't do cold very well anymore. It's 27 here at the moment. Not good when winter hasn't really begun and you're already done with it! On a brighter note - we're heading to Florida this weekend. I hope hope hope it's sunny and warm!

  6. Nora--Thanks for stopping in before you head to sunny Florida. I hope you have a lovely trip. It got up to 7 or so today. :)