Monday, November 2, 2009


This lovely little critter is called a Japanese Beetle. It's very pretty. It has a lovely hint of jade green on it's back and head. However...
This is what it did to my beautiful crab apple tree. It devoured the leaves and left nothing but stubble.

Do you have any regional pests that drive you crazy? Japanese Beetles are new to us. In the South, we had aphids. They loved to eat our roses.

Speaking of creepy crawlies, last Saturday night it was raining and I had to take the dog out. When I stepped on the patio it was covered with worms. HUGE WORMS! They were crawling everywhere. I felt as if they were chasing me. Every time I moved away from one another came towards me. My daughter informed me they weren't worms they were night crawlers. It didn't matter to me...they made me itch all night long!

Do any bugs bug you? (Yes, I know this is really random.)


  1. Oh my gawd! I moved into the house from hell 10 months ago and have been living a nightmare of creepy crawlies and critters!

    I tend to get a lot of spiders (?!?!?!) which are probably not that big a deal (and get rid of other insects...)

    Howver, I recently discovered mice and doubt the spiders will chase them away!

    Maybe I need a cat :)

    In any case, the critters will all be part of the plot and setting in my next book! I might as well use it...

    Cheers, Jill

  2. Japanese beetles lay eggs which hatch into the "White grub." These larvae feed on turf roots, and can damage a lawn. Check in the fall for grub damage.

  3. We had Japanese Beetles in NC when I was growing up. Those hatched every seven years and they swarmed so thick my friends and I couldn't play on the lawn. We used to dare each other to run through them. Ick.

  4. In New York Metropolitan area I don't have too many bug concerns other than roaches or bedbugs. I have not had any of those, but the bed bug is becoming a problem here. Homes and even luxury high risers and hotels are having huge bed bug problems. They are difficult to get rid of and I try my best to avoid having them in my home.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog post. Do you have the room to keep such a big chest?! ;)

  5. What chest is Gary referring to ;??? Just kidding :D

    And, we have spiders here. Big, hairy, long leg, fast spiders.


  6. Jill--I recommend a good exterminator. Spiders are hard to get rid off, as it takes longer for the chemicals to absorb into the body, as such a small part of them touch the surface. But it can be done! I lived in Arkansas and we had terrible wolf spiders...until the bug guy came a few times...Mice are great if you have a basement. Tell the kids there are mice in the storage room around Christmas time. It worked for us for years.

    King--I've been amazing my new neighbors with my knowledge on Japanese Beetles. I can't remember how many larvae they lay each year, but they for sure can mess up a lawn as well as trees, shrubs, etc...

    Amy--are you sure you're not thinking of cicadas? They hatch every seven years. They leave these nasty shell/skins that they shed all over the place. They make a lot of noise too.

    Gary--Did you ask where I am keeping my big chest? I have one, but not as big as the one you posted! Mine's not museum quality either. I worry about bedbugs every time I stay at a hotel too.

    Tess--You'll have to look at Gary's blog to see the chest we are talking about. I was just about to plan a trip out to see you, but now that you tell me you have big hairy spiders, you might have to come see me and my beetles.

    Thanks for reading and posting everyone. Have a great NaNoWriMo day!