Monday, November 16, 2009

Victory...Well, Third Place

Today, I got both good news and bad. My story PEEP, PEEP, PEEP won third place among the readers of Knowonder magazine. My first income. I'm anxiously awaiting my check for $100. I plan on making a copy of it and framing in with back ground paper that says, "Yes, you can." LOL

The bad news is that Knowonder does not look like it's going to make it unless some investors come along. The main reason I submitted to them was because of their platform. The focus of the magazine is to emphasize the importance of reading to your children. For those of you who don't know about the magazine, it had both an on line version or a print version. If you ordered a print version, you just paid for shipping. The magazine had 30 stories for children in it each month and a few parenting articles. I am so sad for the staff and for Phillip Chipping, the founder. They had a great concept. I still have my fingers crossed that someone will join Phillip in financing this wonderful magazine.

For those of you who were able to vote for me, thank you so much. To the staff at Knowonder, you have a great concept and I have my fingers crossed for you.


  1. Woo-hoo! :) Congrats, Sharon, that is absolutely fantastic news - I'm so excited for you! Hopefully Knowonder will find the investors they need. If they dont, though, at least you have some contest muscle for your queries. :)

  2. Thanks, Shannon! I'm grateful for the credit, but really hope they find financing. Such a great idea...

  3. Sharon, I just got the email today about knowonder and did a mental "Woo hoo, Sharon." And then a "oh, darn" about them discontinuing. I seriously was going to send them a story this week!
    Congrats on placing!

  4. Kelly,
    Thanks for the whoo hoo. I sure hope someone steps up and helps Phillip. I think it's a great concept...putting stories, for free, in the hands of parents. If you are interested in sending a story, I'd send them an email asking them if they would like the story incase they did find the financing. It would be awful if they do get the financing to have a December issue and had no stories....

  5. Congrats Sharon. Totally awesome! I can remember my first newspaper byline and the first fiction sale I ever made to a children's Christian publication. It's a terrific feeling to know that others value your work. Keep up the writing and never stop believing in yourself. You have a community of writers who believe in you and are cheering for you. Best always, Buffy

  6. Thanks Buffy. I sure feel more confident about my writing. Today is going to be a good writing day.