Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Out!

I'm out for the evening and I'm out of my favorite perfume. It's my comfort smell. It's the only thing posh about me...and I'm out. I'll have to use my number two choice until someone (hint hint) buys me a new bottle.

Do you have a special scent? What is it? Why is it your scent?


  1. I like the smell of perfume on others, but haven't liked it on myself in years...the most I'll do is a heavily scented lotion, usually in the cocoa butter or vanilla variety. Maybe I should rethink this...I'm trying to make some changes and maybe a scent would elp. Thanks for the idea!!! (now go buy yourself some No 5)

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I loved your raccoon story on my blog. I think they are hunkering down for the winter under our deck, alas.

    My favourite scent is Fahrenheit by CD. I tried a sample at an airport in Europe many years ago, didn't realise it was for men, and didn't care when I found out. They have a summer version that is lighter, too, and I love it.

    My mother was a Chanel No. 5 and Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps wearer. I can always spot the scent when I am near it.

  3. Anita--Check out No 5. You might like it. It's a musky scent. I'm not a flowery person. Perfume comes in families, according to the girl a Dillards. I like Obsession, Chloe and No 5. I use the lotion at night. The hint part was for my Dad or my husband. I've only ever bought one bottle of Channel for myself, they are both really good at keeping me supplied. I must have been a bit lavish with it this year.

    Anne-Marie--Thanks. Did I tell you about the groundhogs under our deck too? There was a family of five living there in the suburbs of Saint Louis. It was really cool listening to them communicate.

    I'll have to check out Fahrenheit. What kind of scent is it?

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi, Sharon!

    Believe it or not, I love the Coconut Lime Verbena body splash from Bath & Body. My other favorite is the Mango Mandarine scent - love them!

    Are you currently trying to get your books published? I really do think you need to write the "Tea with the Queen story". From what I've seen of your blog, your grandad sounds like one spectacular man! :)

  5. Shannon,
    My Grandad is a spectacular man. At the begining of WWII, he was a plumber for a Lord in England. He joined became a Home Guard, eventually was part of the RAF and worked for what became British Airways. He retired as a Manager of several Hangers...pretty big deal. He is one of the most amazing people I know.

    His Mum took in two evacuees during the WAR. I've written a PB version of the story and am working on a MG version. It was an amazing time, nothing like anything we know today.

    I don't know how to make my tea with the queen story fictional enough to make it interesting. It was one of my last days in England. Prince Charles fell off his horse, althought that was quite normal. :)

    Thanks for the kind words. I LOVE Coconut Lime Verbena too. Have you tried the Amber something or other? I love it too...

  6. Sharon,

    Wow. You have quite a family history - powerful stuff. My grandpa designed, built, and flew small Cessna planes. When he got too old to build the real ones, he designed and built small models.

    I don't think you need to approach the queen story as fiction. Just tell it as it was - little Sharon (or whoever) on a stay in England...I can see it in my head. I think it would be delightful! :)

  7. My students liked the story. It just happened to me. I've had some other adventures with famous people...Helen Walton (Sam's wife) told me that calories don't count if your husband doesn't see you eat them. J.B. Hunt (truck driving industry) told my husband he married above himself. And (everyone knows I hate starting a sentence with "and," but this is worth it) Bill Clinton did NOT hit on me. I was young and hot (with great hair) and met him at a PTO meeting in Arkansas. I stayed after the meeting to continue our discussion and nothing...I was really put out when I heard about Monica....But I don't think that would make a good PB. :)

  8. Hi

    I have channel No 5 too - I reserve for most special occasions ... therefor, it doesn't get used much. It always reminds me of Marilyn Monroe.

    My favourite perfume though is Midnight Poison by Dior ... I suppose I'm just wicked. lol

    What is your no 2 choice? My everyday (sort of cheaper perfume) is Diesel Feminine because it's funky , like me (?)

    Stick in at the gym all that hard work you talked about on my post will pay of ... I was exhausted just reading yor comment. And when you reach your target you will need a new bottle of perfume for the new you ... and a new outfit, ... what the hell a whole new wardrobe lol x

  9. Hi Sharon, I answered some of your questions back at my blog, but I would describe Fahrenheit as a musky smell, for lack of a better description. I don't think it's particularly masculine or feminine, which is likely why I never noticed it was for men to begin with.

    Your family history sounds very interesting. Where can I read some of it? I perused your old posts and didn't catch anything there, but that could be post-camp fatigue.

  10. Whatever my wife wants me to smell like, that is my favorite scent. She does the buying. I pay for it. Teamwork.

    Stephen Tremp

  11. happy by clinique - i hate when im out. ruins my whole vibe!

  12. Sharon--If I ever reach my goal, you can believe I'll want some new clothes. My number two choice is Obsession and number three is Chloe. I still have a bit of Channel body lotion. I put it on my arms at night. Bed time is my favorite time to put on's just for me.

    Anne-Marie--I haven't been blogging that long, so there is much of me I haven't disclosed. Leaving England was hard for me. I miss my relatives there more and more as they/we get older.

    I blog about whatever happens to be on my mind that evening. Hence, the title Random Thoughts. I never know what I am going to talk about until the last minute. I use my blog as a tool to help me unwind in the evening and as a writing assignment.

    When I was pregnant (10 million years ago) my husband had a great cologne. I picked it out for him and the lady at the counter asked me if I was pregnant. She said that women who are pregnant are always buying this particular cologne. I can't remember what it was, but I wore it all the time.

    Stephen--go buy her a bottle. It will be a nice surprise. It's the act more than the perfume.

    Shelli--I know what you mean. Having No 5, makes me calmer than any other scent. I feel like I'm a Kennedy when I have it on.