Friday, January 13, 2017

New Year New Goals BLAH BLAH BLAH

In 2017, I wish you good health, lots of love, good fortune 
Costa Rican Rice!

This year put on an agent's hat and think like an agent!
  • know your genre
  • characters must have character or they are just a holding place
  • humor is hard
  • not everything needs to rhyme
  • try to not be all things to all people
  • let your fiction be fiction
  • let the pictures show half the story
  • study your craft
  • study what is selling
  • network
  • polish your work until is shines then SUBMIT!
Welcome to 2017! This is going to be your year....if you work really hard and don't let anything get in your way!



  1. good advice! good wishes! and...good rice!

    ...hugs from lenny

  2. What Lenny said! :) Wishing you the bestest New Year, Sharon! Filled w MUCH love, peace, and happiness. Much health- much wealth. Thinking of u XOXO

  3. Hi Sharon - good advice for us all. Think intelligently - and give your potential customers what they want, yet keeping your voice withing your work ... and practise - read aloud ... and offer to help others ...

    Have a really good year - cheers Hilary

  4. Nice list!

    I want that Costa Rican rice recipe. :)

  5. We hope your 2017 is a great one!

  6. Happy New Year, Sharon! Hope it's a great year for you. Loved your thoughts for the new year.

  7. The Costa Rican rice looks tasty! Happy New Year!