Saturday, April 23, 2011

The ABC's of A Good Friend... "T"

(You can TRUST that if I'm hosting a party, there will be a chocolate fountain!)

Today is day 20 of Arlee Bird's A-Z Challenge! Since I write for younger children and we're doing the ABC's, I thought I'd do The ABC's of A Good Friend (and throw in a few random pictures, because I have a bit of a camera habit).

Sometimes a friend will disappoint you.  Perhaps you've known this friend since you were a kid and all of a sudden you realize they aren't trustworthy.  They do a few little things, perhaps you catch them in a couple lies.  Then you realize they've stolen some money from you, but you figure they must have really needed it.  You love them after all.  You've known them since you were teenagers.  You would've given it to them if they had asked.  But then they do something big, something really big and you don't think you'll ever be able to trust them again.  Trust is a hard thing to earn back once you've lost it.  Even if you want to give it back to that person, you are still hesitant... It may take years for them to prove themselves to you.  Being trustworthy is something that should never be taken for granted no matter how long you've been friends... Don't deceive your friends.  You could lose that trust forever!

I don't like it when people make jokes at the expense of others.  I don't mind blond jokes because I'm blond.  But it really bothers me when people show that they are intolerant of other groups based on some difference they have.  Sometimes people use racial slurs without even thinking about it.  It really upsets me when people do that.  Again, I'm far from perfect.  I make mistakes, but I try very hard not to stereotype people based on their skin color, age, sex, sexual orientation, height, religion, race or intellect.  I hope, really really hope, that I decide to like a person or dislike a person based on the quality of their character...I hope I'm a tolerant person.

Being thoughtful is another way you can show you are a good friend.  Occasionally, calling a friend out of the blue is a way to be thoughtful.  Dropping them a note in the mail in another way.  One of our old neighbors brought dinner over to us a couple times when she had seen us working out in the yard all weekend.  She was soooo thoughtful!  Even little gestures to strangers can indicate if you are thoughtful.  Opening the door for someone, saying bless you to a stranger, picking up something when a stranger drops it and offering a spot in line when the person behind you had one item and you have 50 are all ways to be thoughtful.  Being thoughtful to friends and strangers will make your heart feel full.

I hope your heart feels full today...


  1. All good need them all in a good friend.

  2. Those are purrfect words, trust is so important!!!

  3. My heart feels most full for reading your wonderful post and gazing hungrily at that chocolate fountain. Sigh!

    I've let go of a few ex-friends over the years because of being untrustworthy. On their part, I must add. It's one thing to lie so blantantly to me but to carry on doing so over months.. nope, not for me!! Take care

  4. Hi Sharon .. couldn't agree more - think of others .. so they trust you, and be thoughtful on all things ..

    But I digress too .. and then don't feel so good .. but to a point it's life, as long as one isn't malicious with it .. just be careful and caring of all peoples ..

    Happy Easter .. cheers Hilary

  5. Some great "Ts"... and highly necessary.

    How about Terrific, True, Tried (as in reliable) ...

  6. Would love to be at your party. Hope you are feeling happy too.

  7. I have been betrayed by friends in my life and so relate to this post about trusting. It is hard for me. I have gotten better with my choices, so trust comes a bit easier as well. Nice post, Sharon.

  8. Visiting via A to Z. Trust is absolutely essential, imho.

  9. It's even worse when you realize you can't trust your husband/mate. Like words out of the mouth, when it's gone, it's difficult or impossible to get back.

    Nice post. And thanks for your follow on Twitter. I'm trying to tweet something at least once a day. But my main thrust is to get back to my own writing. Social media can get overwhelming. BUT it also leads me to wonderful bloggers such as you.

  10. Your chocolate fondue - Tasty.
    My friends are mostly - Talented.
    This blog is - Terrific!


  11. Trust is probably the most important for me… if I have that with a friend I can over look a lot, since trust encompasses a wide range of virtues.

    thx for all your support, it really means a lot.

  12. Trust and being thoughtful are so important. And I love your chocolate fountain.

  13. I love your take on a-z =) the alphabet of being a friend!
    happy t day and happy easter =)

  14. I love doing special little things for my friends. It's so rewarding to see the smile on their face.

  15. I don't know that I've ever had a friend I couldn't trust, which I guess would make them not a friend at all.

    Another blessing I've taken for granted.

    Thank you, Sharon, for being a thoughtful friend, and sharing your time with me.

    And--bonus!-I'm posting on the heels of Niki! So here I am with TWO thoughtful friends to be thankful for.

    Heading into Easter with a full heart, I am. And you two are part of the reason why.

    t: time lines

  16. You are one of the most thoughtful people I know, Sharon! Just one of the reasons I feel so blessed to be your friend.

    Have a happy and blessed Easter, friend!

  17. Those are some wonderful words for friends, Sharon. You are doing an amazing job on these ABC's of a good friend blog posts! Happy Easter!

  18. Oh boy! A chocolate fountain. I think tolerant is such a wonderful quality to highlight. I'm glad that you did. Great job!