Sunday, August 22, 2010


(St. Paul's Cathedral in Minneapolis, Minnesota.)

It's easier to believe the bad stuff...I don't know where I heard that line, perhaps  it was in a movie or in a book and I believe it's true.  We do it all the time.  We do it to ourselves.  That's why I invented International Be Kind To Yourself Week.  I promise I'll get off my soap box... (for a while) If you'll do this:

1. Give yourself permission to enjoy simple pleasures without feeling guilty.
2. Say kind things to and about yourself.
3. Believe that you are worthy of happiness, love, and success in all areas of your life.

(One big fishing lure...or art, perhaps...)

I gave a few of you extensions on IBKTY I'll be expecting reports next Friday. 

I have a blogging question for you:  I absolutely love replying to your comments though emails.  Do you like it?  What about those of you who don't have it set up on your blogger profile, do you come back and see if I left a response to your comment? What do you like best as a blog reader?  What do you do as a blog writer?

Don't forget to show yourself some love this week.....


  1. I love the responses through e-mail... where do you find the time?

    I just respond on my comment section when the time calls for it.

    I do like the personal touch, keep it up.

  2. Yes, I like to get responses too! I think the best thing about being a blog reader is finding out how many different and interesting things are out there. As a blog wirter I do just try to have fun while calling attention to my animal causes.

  3. So glad you have extended the week! I am getting a massage this coming Friday, and I already treated myself to nice workout clothing (so that I look good when facing the mirror doing zumba) and two new outfits!

    I hope to spend a few hours each day writing, too, working on my beloved novel. Thanks for blogging to encourage us to take care of ourselves!

  4. It's a deal Sharon! :)

    I love reading the e-mail responces ~ but can always understand if a person can't respond to every single comment. I respond to people's comments through e-mail if they ask a question that needs a responce or if they say something particulairly enlightening or funny.

    Hoping you had a terrific weekend Sharon!
    xo Catherine

  5. A great post!...I enjoy your emails!...Just really busy, so I kind of need my extension for about 5 weeks from now, when I hope to be able to kick back and relax from the move!...Happy week, Sharon, you are a sweetheart and I'm thrilled to have "met" you!

  6. I need an extension too--but it's a good week to get a jump on the challenge because school starts tomorrow. Hooray for more free time! (Though I'm bittersweet about missing my kiddos.)

    And to answer your question, I answer my comments exclusively through email. :o)

  7. I posting about comments on my Monday post. I like getting the direct emails, but over all I prefer receiving comments on the blog site and I subscribe when I leave comments so I'll see them if they come. I go into more detail on my Monday post.

    Tossing It Out

  8. It's always nice receiving emails from bloggie friends!! :-) Thank you!

    I respond in the blogger's blog if they ask a question on their next posting(or I hope I do!! LOL!).

    I must love myself this week, darn it! LOL!

    take care

  9. I pretty much always come back to a post to see if someone responded.
    An email is nice too, it means I know a reply has happened.

  10. I do the same as Al. I come back to see if someone has responded too...but that is probably because that is how I respond to comments!

    C x

  11. You be kind to yourself, too, Sharon. (Smiles) I hope you have a super week.

  12. Thanks for the encouragement to be kind to ourselves!

    I respond to comments in the comment section most of the time, but if I have something I really want to say to the commenter, I'll email. When I asked this question on my blog, some people responded they already get way too many emails and can't handle any more, but I don't get that many, so I do enjoy getting email responses from other bloggers.

  13. I found myself believing in the good stuff a bit ago, then had the wind knocked out of my sails -- right now I'm back to believing the bad stuff - but I'm working on it :)

  14. I come back to see if a reply has been left on the blog.

    I get a lot of email already, so it is usually easier to check the blogs when I make my next comment.

    If I want to share something only for the blogger, I'll email them.

    Have a great day!

  15. I guess what I'll do is I'll reply via email to those who have enabled it and respond on in the comments to those who haven't. :) I'm enjoying everyone's responses...Thanks!

  16. Ah, this is such a great idea! You're so right, people do tend to believe the bad easier than we do the good. Shame, really.

  17. Sangu--I think it has to do with being taught that it is selfish to want or to do for ourselves. (For years I thought it was wrong to pray for yourself.) Loving yourself will make you a more productive more loving person. :) (At least that's my theory...)

  18. Hi Sharon,

    I tend to make the rounds of the blogs I follow and have a dialogue with those I have commented on, so reading back and forth works for me. It also allows others to jump in and add to the comments of others, which often provides great insights and side trips in a conversation that you don't expect but are welcome.


  19. Wish it wasn't easier to believe the bad, but I'm working on it. Accepting the good has been challenging, but I'm getting better at that as well. Love your blog, Sharon. Glad to have found you. I don't even know how to do email responses on blogger.

  20. I follow a lot of blogs but tend to comment on the ones where there is an acknowledgement or a dialogue between followers and blog owners...who doesn't want their existence to be recognised?!?

    If you have the time to reply via email I'm sure that everyone is delighted that you show such passion for your work and interest in them - RIGHT? :)

  21. I promise to be kind to myself! :)
    I write responses in my comments. I don't have a preference for other blogs. I think everyone should do what they are most comfortable with!

  22. Have a great kind to yourself week!

    Sometimes I go back, sometimes I don't.

    As for my blog, I comment only on my comments and not via e-mail. I wonder how many people actually come back. I've noticed some people read through the comments and it becomes a conversation. I'd like to do both, but I only have so much time to devote to blogging!

  23. I don't respond to comments. Does that make me a bad blogger? I love reading everyone's answers and I like to read and comment on other people's blogs, but I've just never gotten into responding to people's answers. I guess because it's a game of questions and I'm looking for their answers, not mine. Hmm. Food for thought.

  24. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO WOULD LIKE TO GET PERSONAL EMAIL RESPONSES... You have to set your blogger profile to show your email, or I can't respond to you. So go to EDIT PROFILE in your BLOGGER account and click the box next to SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS. Then when you comment I'll be able to reply to you in your inbox. One of great advantages of doing this is the wonderful friendships I've developed with many of my blog friends. We have such a great blogging community...I know when I have a question I can always call on someone in it for help. This is just another networking tool that enables this kind of interaction. :)

    The awesome Elana Johnson has a great post on this topic...

  25. Wow, you invented the IBKY? I didn't realize... What a great idea, Sharon! I'm sure the idea will catch on like fire...

    As for getting replies for the comments I leave on blogs, I find as a reader, half the fun is going back to the blogs I frequent in a day or so to see how the author has responded to my comment (and then read some other comments there as a result). As a writer of a blog, I like how somtimes one reader responds to the comment left by another and it sparks off another tangential discussion...

  26. Sharon, I did it! I did it! I was nice to myself. I went to my friends' Mary Kay party and gave myself a facial and then bought make up. Ha ha ha! Thanks for spurring me on.

    I like getting your emails. They're so nice. :)


  27. Hey Sharon! Great post. I'll try to remember the advice!
    Emails are great, but honestly they aren't necessary for me, IMHO. Personally, I've adopted a plan of visiting every blog from each person that comments on mine, instead of commenting a response on my own blog. I don't have a ton of time to blog, so I use the time to visit those blogger's sites instead. I dunno, it works for me!

  28. Great post. #2 is particularly important.
    re emails... I'd prefer to go back and see if there is a response on the blog.

  29. Hi Sharon .. I respond in the blog comment section to each comment left .. occasionally people email .. but I usually get a comment saying 'help' where's your email?! Then we're in touch ..

    I think if I emailed everyone personally I'd be overloaded .. and then the comments?

    I like Lydia's idea .. but again it's important to be active on our own site .. so I do both.

    Looking after me will happen in the next 10 days or so .. but writing the fiction murder mystery story was fun .. so I'll report back ..

    Enjoy the week - that 'lure' is wonderful, as is the picture of the Cathedral .. thanks Hilary

  30. Hi Sharon!

    Emails are fine but I usually just go to the person's blog and comment there. Since most of my comments come in when I'm sleeping (due to the time difference), it's hard to reply on my blog.

  31. I am not choosy but I think it is easier to just visit my blog and leave a comment about either what I posted on yours or my site:)

  32. I truly enjoy getting comments on my blog. That is not to say that I don't enjoy the personal emails, too though. However, I know that you have many other commitments, so when you are not able to comment, I certainly understand.

    I too love commenting. In fact, if I could figure out how to find the time, I would pro'lly spend fifty hours each day in commenting on the various blogs. I think the most difficult thing about being a blogger is the realization that I cannot read an' comment on all the blogs I love, every day. Like you an' so many others, though, I do the best I can.

    I truly love this post. I will work at bein' kinder to myself. Thank you for reminding me.

    ~ Yaya

  33. LOVE your idea of Int'l Be Kind to Yourself Week ... FABULOUS!!!

  34. Lynda--I'll try and remember you preferr to not get emails..... (TRY) Yep, number 2 is very important!

  35. Thank you for sending some of your kindness my way!