Thursday, February 18, 2010

PART TWO...I'M BACK...(Have you noticed I love using...s?)

Half Moon Cay was the best part of our trip to the Bahamas!  The sand was white and had the consistency of powdered sugar.  It did not get hot and we were barefoot on the island for most of the day.  This island is owned by Carnival Cruise Lines.  We took a boat from the ship over to the island.  Katherine and I walked the length of the beach.  It was drop dead gorgeous!  We walked until we came to a sign that prohibited us from climbing on the rocks at the end of the beach.  On our way back we saw lots of little white fish swimming in the surf.  We were served a lovely lunch, they even had veggie burgers for Katherine and I.  Lots of fresh fruit garnished the table and lovely cakes to top off the meal.  Walt and Katherine then played volleyball for about two hours.  It really didn't matter that the seas were too rough for our excursion.  This island paradise was the best part of our trip!

Now I have some awards to present...
This Sweet Friend Award goes to Susan Fields.  She's fairly new to blogging, but not to writing.  She has completed two awesome novels, a beginning chapter book mystery and several shorter stories.  I hope you will check out Susan's blog.  She is a dear friend and a talented writer.

I'm also presenting this award to my dear virtual friend Buffy.  Buffy is a full time newspaper writer and a novelist on the side.  Her mg novel ELLA'S DANCE is a wonderful tear jerker.  She is definitely worth checking out.

The third Sweet Friends Award goes to Kelly. Kelly has to be one of the happiest bloggers around.  She is always positive and has the best smile on the web!  So for a good dose of happiness check out Kelly's blog.

This next award goes to a new blog friend.  It's hard to find picture book writers in blog land.  Shelley Moore Thomas has numerous picture books on the market and got them there without an agent.  Her blog is wonderful and she has a great marketing technique.  I hope you will check out her Kingdom. 

I'd also like to present this award to Judith Coughlin.  Judith is a multi-cultural writer and has a great blog.  She shares her thoughts and occasionally a good recipe.  Judith has a very cheery blog and I hope you will hop over and see why I read it.

Lastly, I present Jill Kemerer this Creative Writer Award.  Jill is a romance writer with a sweet blog.  She's a lovely person and you will be a better person for reading her blog.

Susan, Buffy, Kelly, Shelley, Judith and Jill I charge you with telling me ten things that make you happy.  You can do it in my comments or on your blog (or you can totally ignore my charge).

I think this is a really fun award, because the recipient has to list ten honest things about themselves, so I chose Suzette over at Shoot Stars and Sharon at Bookish Blonde.  I think both of them are great characters and I hope you will check them out.  (FYI...Sharon writes for grown ups.)  Ladies, you can tell us ten truths about yourselves either in my comments or on your blog (or you can totally ignore my plea to get to know you better).

I do hope all of you will hop over and check out some of my favorite (and new favorite in the case of Shelley) blogs.  I will back to "normal" or as close as I get to it tomorrow.  Have a great evening!


  1. Thank you Sharon - you're the best! Ten things that make me happy: my husband, my kids, writing, coffee, warm spring weather, naps, a good book, chocolates, blogging buddies, and a day where I don't have to go anywhere and can stay in my jammies all day. I'm sure I'll be posting this on my blog as well - thanks again, Sharon!

  2. Susan--I forgot about naps when I wrote my list. I love naps too. :)

  3. lol cockapoo that's so gorgeous. Here we call them spoodles. I have a black cocker spaniel called Bonnie. Last year we bred her to a gold cocker spaniel and she had 9 pups half of them were gold and the other half black. Next time I am thinking of breeding her with a bijon frise. Apparantly they are super cute. But then, all puppies are! :o)

  4. Thanks Sharon. You're awesome. Ten things that make me happy:
    Family (Husband, sons, etc.)
    My staff (reporters and editors)
    Helping others do the best work of their lives

  5. Niki--I like spoodles, it's much more fun to say. :) Yikes! What did you do with 9 puppies? Macy is our first dog. She's about three. Thankfully, we survived the puppy years. I wasn't sure if I was going to.

  6. Buffy--Reading your blog makes me happy. Today's post was wonderful!

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  8. Oh, Bahamas is paradise!!! Beautiful picture.
    Congrats on your awards, and thank you so much for awarding me!! :) That makes me happy!

  9. Maria--Thanks for stopping in. It was my first cruise. I liked the islands, but wasn't too keen on all of the motion on the ship. The last night was really rough. At dinner you could look down at one side of the dining room. The entertainment the first and second night were okay, but then we were warned that the comedians were going to be R rated, not quite what I expected. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more if my teenage daughter would have gone to the teen activities. The island time was wonderful and the food was great. :)

  10. Thank you, Sharon...and I followed Mark McVeigh because of you.....good luck on your quest.

    I can only think of one thing that makes me happy tonight because my brain is so fried....and that is Tomorrow IS Friday!!!


  11. Shelley--Thank you so much for becoming one of Mark's followers and one of mine. I look forward to reading about your journey. (I will be buying one of your books on my next visit to the book store.) I am in awe of your success.

    I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

  12. Sharon, thank you! Ten honest things about myself!!! That's a toughy ... xxx

    By the way I thing it is brilliant that you have extended family in the UK, and you get to take trips there. And now you can act as ambassador and guide to your relative who is to study in the USA. Exciting.

  13. Sharon--I'll be checking your blog for your list of ten, since you didn't do it here. I'm sure it will be a wonderfully amusing list.

    Actually, most of my family is still in England. My Mum and I moved to the States when I was 8. It wasn't until about 9 years ago that I could afford to go visit very often. I usually go every other year. A few years ago my Dad and Step-Mum took me to Scotland. What a lovely country you have. :) I have some exceptional photos of Edingburg from the castle.

  14. Thank you for such a pretty and sweet award! I'll gladly list ten things that make me happy:

    1. A healthy family.
    2. A humongous, fluffy Himalayan cat named Cookie
    3. Chocolate!
    4. The library--all those books just waiting for me!
    5. A stack of magazines
    6. Bluesy-jazz music
    7. Dancing like a maniac around the house
    8. Warm weather!
    9. A coffee date with writer friends (wish we could do that, don't you??)
    10. Working computers!! (My computer crashed. Then I spent an entire day trying to get wireless Internet service through my laptop. Sorry I'm late accepting this--but now you know why!)

    Thanks so much!!

  15. Jill--What a great list! Thanks so much for sharing. :) I wish we could have coffee too. I think I'm going to do a question post asking where people are from. I keep seeing where virtual friends are getting together. I'd love to meet some of my blog buddies.

    I hope your computer situation is resolving its self. Oddly, since I moved to only using my laptop (that no one else uses), I haven't had any problems.

    I had a half Himalayan (California Ragdoll) cat a long time ago. He was such an affectionate guy. I have a Mainecoon now. He follows me around like a little puppy, well not a little puppy. :)

  16. Sharon! You gave me an award! Thank you so much, you sweetheart. *hugs*


  17. Suzette- I gave you an award because you are so much fun. :)

  18. Sharon, Thank you so much! That is so sweet. I love it! And I love how you describe my blog, that's it cherry. That is definitely what I want. A place that makes you smile. Congratulations on all your awards!
    And lastly, I followed Mark McVeigh, too. Best of luck getting your skype time.

  19. Judith--I'm glad my description of your blog made you smile. :) That was one reason I took a while to post the awards and then another day to pass them along. Some people have a lovely way of passing on awards and I wanted to do justice to the people I passed them on too. Thanks for signing up with Mark. I found out about 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning that he would have a skype chat with me. I'm going to learn how to skype tonight. (Yikes, I've grown a lot in a year...blogging, twittering and now skyping!) I so appreciate everyone who gave me credit for their visit to his blog. :) I'll post about it tomorrow. Tonight is all about learning skype.

  20. You are fun too, Sharon. I adore you. Thank you so much for all the support you've given my blog!