Wednesday, February 17, 2010


...still trying to get my land legs under me… Something about a week at sea in the Bahamas made me a little too relaxed. I’m having trouble getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been busy reading blogs, hoping to find my muse, but I’m still searching…

While I’ve been away some wonderful people gave me some awards…I feel honored that these talented people took time out of their day to give me a pat on the back. That’s what blog awards are aren’t they…Awards are our little of way saying we like each other’s words, thoughts, sentiments, sense of humor, or the way they inspire us to be better writers or better people.

Shannon at Book Dreaming is an amazing person. She is so good at encouraging all of us in the blog world. If you haven’t been to visit Shannon yet, hop over! She is celebrating having over 200 followers with an awesome contest.

Karen at I’m Always Write is such a sweetie. I met her when she entered and won a contest I ran. Then I entered her contest and won. Today I read her post and discovered the snow in Maryland is deeper than she is tall. Hop over to her blog and help her hit the 100 mark. Karen has 99 followers as of 7:50 CST today.

Shannon and Karen both said I have to share ten things that make me happy…

1. My daughter

2. My husband

3. Reading

4. Traveling

5. The rest of my family (the ones I don’t live with)

6. Our pets

7. Having an office to write in

8. Wonderful friends

9. An awesome critique group

10. Having the opportunity to stay home and pursue my dreams of being a size seven again and writing a book.

D.L. over at Cruising Altitude is one awesome writer. I had no idea how good until I read an excerpt of his novel SLOW DANCER. I hope you will visit his blog and read his male POV YA post….Good stuff! Now I’m supposed to tell ten honest things about myself….YIKES!

1. I sneak coffee with caffeine in it, daily.

2. I dance when no one is looking.

3. When I was 10, I stole a box of chocolate covered cherries from my Mum (one at a time). Yes, I got caught. I’ve never been that devious.

4. I am English. I’ve been in the States since I was 8, but am not a citizen.

5. Eating cold pizza is one of my favorite breakfast foods.

6. I am a reality TV junky.

7. I love Tom Cruise movies.

8. I want to win a Caldecott…(I know...who doesn’t?)

9. The first thing I’m going to do when I sell a book is to hire a housekeeper.

10. I wish that pizza was calorie free, so I could eat it every day.

Tracy over at Crossing Chalk honored me with the Silver Lining Award. Sadly, I couldn’t copy and paste it. Tracy is one serious dude! He’s a teacher, a husband, a father (and soon to be a dad for a second time), a coach, and a writer. I’m amazed he has time to blog let alone write novels. I hope you’ll hop over and read a bit of his work.

Thank you guys so much! Tomorrow, I’ll be back with some life management tips and I'll be passing these awards on to worthy bloggers.  (Put on sun screen when you are in the Bahamas, even if you never take your cover up off.)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Sharon!

    And welcome back from your excellent adventure.


  2. Shelley--Thanks, it was interesting for sure! I'd have to bet, I wouldn't be a sailor in a past life! I was dizzy with and without the patches our doctor gave us...

    I look forward to reading about your journey. :)

  3. Wow! That's quite a collection of awards, Sharon - and you deserve each one of them. I'm so glad you're back. Thanks for the sweet words about me and my blog. :-)

  4. Shannon--trying not to sound like an I love you, you love me, but.....You really are amazing! I click on someone and click on one of their readers and there you are....You are really inspiring! Big hug!

  5. I could so use a cruise right now. Missed "seeing" you around the Web. Welcome back, Sharon.

  6. Buffy--We had rough seas...not so much fun. I'm glad to be back on solid land and blog land.

  7. Congratulations on the awards, Sharon - and welcome back, we missed you!

  8. Congrats on the awards and that you got to get away to the Bahamas! Lucky you! That sounds SO good right now! My favorite place in the BAhamas is Atlantis Resort.

  9. Yay for awards! And yay for you being back. We missed you. I too love pizza for breakfast! Wish we could get together for a pie some morning. Miss you!

  10. Susan--I missed you too! I'm looking forward to reading your Thursday segment.

    Kelly--We went through Atlantis on our stop in Nassau. They have a great aquarium. I've never seen a polk-a-dotted sting ray before. It was a lovely place! I really enjoyed being on the islands....not so much on the boat though.

    Amy--I missed you too. I wish we could come up with a plan that the whole WAD could agree too...I miss everyone too. :)

    Thanks for the congrats on the awards everyone. It's nice to know that some enjoys my ramblings...

  11. Congrats and welcome back! Sometimes coming back is so hard. Give yourself time, the muse always turns up sometime!

  12. Tina--Thanks for stopping by. I love your families idea of winter fun! I keep saying I'm going to write an article about all the fun thinks you can do with icicles. Maybe you are my muse for the day. :)

  13. Thanks for your comment on my new blog. I didn't even realize I had any comments. I wasn't expecting any.
    I just set it to email me when I get more.
    Thanks for the warning. I don't always think about that.

  14. Gregory--Congrats on starting a blog. I really enjoy mine and the ones I read. I loved your story about meeting your wife. LOVELY!

  15. Welcome back Sharon, the picture looks beautiful.

    Congrats on your awards and thank you for your comment :o)))

    ps I keep meaning to ask, what breed is your wee dog? It is gorgeous.

  16. I've been on numerous cruises, both tropical and alaskan, and its always hard to come back to real-life. I feel for you.

    Aren't you the rock star with all of the awards!! You deserve each and every one. And thank you for the wonderful compliment about my excerpt. You have no idea how remarks like that build up my confidence and make me work even harder.

    PS. I totally agree about pizza!!!!!!!

  17. That's awesome on so many awards... and I'm jealous just looking at the picture of the cruise ship. Sigh. Welcome back. Good luck getting back into the swing of things.

  18. Niki--Thanks for stopping in. :) Macy is a cockapoo. It's really funny our neighbors have one too and they don't look like each other at all. Macy is really small and has the spaniel markings and ears and the minature poodle size, tail and face.

    DL--Thanks for the award. I really do like what I read of SLOW DANCER. It was really good. I hope some people hop over there from my post and link yesterday.

    I'm no cruiser...I loved the islands, but not the rocking ship. We were on the top floor...the nights were something else!

    Wendy--Thanks for stopping by. The ship was lovely, the islands were awesome, but the waves were a bit too much for me. I'm spending the week nursing a sunburn, catching up on laundry and sleeping on solid ground. :)