Tuesday, December 8, 2009


What are the perfect weather conditions for writing?

For me there are two perfect forecasts…sunny with a light breeze and a high in the low eighties OR a blizzard. The whole state is under a blizzard warning! It’s so exciting… I’m sure you’d rather hear about writing techniques that'll help you develop your next manuscript into the greatest thing since vegetarian vampires….but instead I’m talking about snow. Not just regular snow. I’m talking about the kind of snow that comes down sideways, blows big wet chunks into your ears and flies up your pant legs. You know what I’m talking about... By the time you've finished blowing your driveway, finger drifts have begun forming a wavy design across your almost clean drive. Yes, tomorrow's going to be an all out stay home, eat chili, work on writing projects, make the daughter wrap presents kind of day…

What are my blizzard day goals (you ask)?

1. Review folktale one and two

2. Submit folktale one or two to at least one agent (yes, I have one in mind)

3. Find a home for three poems

4. Write directions for two craft activities

5. Frame my A ROOM OF HER OWN tea towel (purple and cream)

6. Frame a clay relief tile my daughter made (it's purple...my office accent color)

7. Blog

8. Make daughter wrap all the Christmas presents I’ve purchased so far

9. Call my trainer and tell her the snow is too deep and I must write….

10. Do a mini workout (so I'm not in trouble with Val)

What are you going to do tomorrow?

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  1. Busy day at work. Even in a blizzard (and all holidays) we publish. Today, I'll be meeting with a syndicate rep who will show me new comics and other features to consider buying for the newspaper; meet with my reporters and copy editors and junior editors; edit copy; read proofs; take care of budgets and on and on and on. I hope you have a productive day at home. Enjoy!

  2. Hope you get lots done today!
    We have relatives in CR and in Shellsburg. Our young cousins are so excited for the snow day (and my kids are so jealous, they have to go to school today! My daughter cried when I told her there was school...).

  3. I don't like the snow! Except for one day, for the novelty value. We had one day of everything coming to a standstill at the beginning of this year but after that it was just cold and wet.

  4. It's so cold here (high of 18), I won't be going outside, despite the piles of stuff on the table that need to be delivered or returned to various places around town.

    So far, I did some reorganizing and soon I'll eat and then...I guess I'll write and wait for The Boy to get home from school. And we might go bowling tonight!

  5. Normally I'd be all over this snowstorm (not quite a blizzard up here in the Twin Cities). BUT I unfortunately work from home - which any other day of the week is awesome sauce because I can wear sweatpants. But there are a few times a year where I think to myself (if I worked in the office, I'd be able to call in today...)
    Ah well.
    So I'm going to put in my 8 hr work day, read my blogs and write another 2k on the WIP.
    But I'll be nice and warm inside while it's the opposite out. Yay winter!

  6. Buffy--Your day sounds pretty exciting to me. It is so wild here! I think we have about twelve inches. I can't get our of one side of my garage. I gave up. My husband can take care of that and the sidewalk when he gets back from sunny Phoenix! (I just came in...and I'm frozen!

    Kelly--I'm thinking the kids here are going to get at least one more day off. The blizzard conditions are supposed to stop around midnight, but most roads are listed as impassable.

    Fairyheadgehog--This is pretty novel! One of our neighbors has a drift that covers their very large deck and most of their back door...

    Amy--I've been really distracted by the snow and wind, but now that I have no feeling in my toes, maybe I'll get something done now.

  7. Falen--Wow, work eight hours, blog, and write 2K words. Do you have a great big "S" on your underarmour??? It's still blowing like crazy here, but I think the snow has stopped. Of course, that's hard to tell when then snow is still flying through the air at thirty-five mph. :)

  8. Love your blizzard goals Sharon! You must've pushed some of that snow to me. Last night, the winds were out of control and we saw our first snow (in my area). Thanks sooo much! :)
    Btw. entered the contest, if it wasn't too late. Take care love.