Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today was the day, I decided to play...

You are never to old to play dress ups. Today I put my work to the side and helped celebrate a dear friend's birthday, princess style. Oh what fun! Balloons,crowns, rings and hair clippies adorned the pink table. A game of kiss the birthday girl's husband was the highlight of the event. Everyone put on lipstick, was blindfolded, turned around three times, and then had to plant a kiss on a big poster of the birthday girl's husband. The birthday girl was the winner, she knew right where to kiss. The kitchen table was covered with delectable food. The birthday cake had a beautiful photograph of my friend Marina on it. Happy Birthday, friend!

Sunny threw a wonderful surprise party. Wait until you hit 40. I'm sure Marina will have a surprise in store for you.

WHAT IS THE MOST UNIQUE PARTY YOU HAVE BEEN TO, AS AN ADULT? Do you have a favorite party game? Please share...


  1. As a joke I had an Ex gf take me to a gay party and I was the only straight guy there. What should have clued me in? The costumes were a bit too professional. I eventually asked the wrong questions about women etc.
    It would make an interesting blog story but would not fit in with my philanthropic bent of my blog.

    Favorite games? Luckily when I found out I politely excused us to leave the party.

  2. I'm glad you got out when you did. It sounds like the games might have been a bit more intense than a bunch of married women kissing a poster blindfolded.

    My random thoughts are not quite as sophisticated as yours...But that's okay, it's just me being me. One day I'll be a grown-up.

  3. What fun!

    Adult party games? Not sure. It's been a while since I've been to an adult party!

  4. Amy---I just got the mail, hence the frown.

    Sherrie--the last two big parties I threw were theme parties. One was a Wig and Wine party. Everyone had to wear a wig. Lots of fun...The other one I called A Christmas Brings Out the Child in All of Us Party. We played tons of games and I had lots of prizes. For decoration I had gone to TJ Max and bought lots of those stacked boxes filled with fancy treats. Everyone got a stack as a party favor. Everyone had to bring a shiny gift to do steal from your neighbor gift exchange. It was lots of fun! Word of caution, don't google adult party games! Just google party games. It was so much fun seeing a bunch of business men playing kid's games. I think sometimes we forget how much fun simple things can be.

  5. I totally want to illustrate that princess expression! :)

    You know...I've never been to a unique adult party! Just the normal wedding shower/baby shower/summer bbq/Christmas-party parties. If I want to have fun, I'm just going to have to visit you, Sharon.

    I did have a fun kid party here, though. I invited all the kids in the neighborhood and told them to bring a smock, one paper bag, and a Christmas present that they wanted to wrap. Then we used potatoes (cut to make "stamps") and paint to stamp our own wrapping paper. After the paint dried (and everyone gobbled the cookies), the kids wrapped their presents. My kitchen was a mess, but it was worth it. ~Di

  6. Every year we get invited to a pajama party. The host sends this email invitation with photos from the previous year's party. The photos are so racy, I dare not go...I prefer to keep the racy stuff to a one-on-one party. :)

    I love your costume!

  7. Anita,
    A P.J. party sounds fun, but I wouold have to know and trust the guests a lot before I either invited them to one or accepted an invitation to one. I's fun being silly sometimes.

    I'd love you to illustrate me. :) Perhaps after an acceptance, rather than a rejection. (Personal or not...) It sounds like you should throw a grown up party. I'll share my secrets for success.

  8. Thanks for the post on that chapter I have on my blog. It's just a sample, and under 10K, so it should be okay. Either way, the book's kind of shelved for the time being.

    And you're right - you're never too old to play dress up.