Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Do You Like to Hold?

What do you like to hold? What gives you comfort? For Macy it's a toy of any sort, but it's definitely more fun if it's in the lake. For my teenage daughter it's her IPOD. She never leaves home without it and heaven forbid the battery goes dead. My husband has the same IPOD affliction, but he's holding a laptop most of the day. Me, I love to hold a good book. I love to feel the texture of the paper, and have the sense of owning a little piece of someones creativity. I love that I can take it anywhere. Some of you may love your Kindle. I hate to say this, but I really like books made of paper. I've attempted to read a book on my computer, but I didn't finish it. I missed the turning of the pages. If I'm reading a reference book or nonfiction book I love to highlight all the important pieces of information. Do you highlight? Do you remember in school having to erase any marks in your textbooks? I think that's why I like making notes in my books now. I'm not letting the Man (teacher) keep me down. I'll mark in my books anytime I want to. Of My disclaimer: I am not responsible for any of my blog readers marking in library books.)

So what do you like to hold a book or a Kindle? I'm not even going to mention audio books...I'd rather wait for the movie...

Happy reading!


  1. Nothing beats the feeling of a new book in my hands...the crisp pages, the dry smell. Love it. Kindles are convenient and I know editors/agents have to use them for their sanity..but I'll opt for the actual book.

  2. For sure! I love going to bookstores and choosing new books.

  3. The next best thing to holding my littlest kid (which is rare nowadays, he won't let me), I love to hold a soft squishy pillow. I like to hold a squishy sitting on the couch, but I have a squishy pillow that I cannot sleep without. Poor Chris, he's not as soft and squishy as my pillow (but I think he's working on that since he quit smoking).

  4. Heather,
    Poor Chris!

    I have a feather pillow I sleep on. I dread sleeping on anyone else's pillow. My little one is still huggable, but only on her terms.

    I wish Chris the best. Remind him that it's not only good for his health to quit, but your kids are less likely to smoke if he stops.

  5. I love to hold hands with my two sons or my husband. I love to hold a warm cup of coffee in the morning and let the steam enter my nose. I love to hold books or a pen and paper. I love to hold a wooden spoon to stir whatever is in the pot on the stove.
    Jessica Saigh

  6. That's lovely Jessica...It sounds like a greeting card.