Wednesday, July 29, 2020

So... How is your 2020 going?

Wow! It's almost August!
It's been quite a year so far...I'm
hopeful for a quiet, calmer, less germy
second half of the year.
What about you?

Have you been writing?
Perhaps, you've been creating
in some other way? Cleaning? Organizing?
Did your muse disappear?
Mine did.

Yesterday I started reading
and something magical happened while
waiting patiently at the service center. My brain flipped
and hints of my muse sprung from
my fingertips...

Sequel notes

-Ecton castle
-mines and discovering the industrial revolution mining machines and Roman remnants
-shelter building at the Roaches
-dog? cat?

I sincerely hope your muse did not abandon you...

Be Safe,
Wash your hands
Carry On!


  1. I've actually been writing quite a bit for me and reading a lot. Hope you get inspired too.

  2. I've been finding it super hard to read, lately. I need to quiet my mind, I think. I miss reading! On the writing front, I've lowered my goal to a chapter a month. So far I've done that. Working on chapter four for this month. Not much written yet. Wish me luck!

  3. So glad to hear your muse is back, Sharon! I've been all over the place since quarantine began back in mid-March. I finished a rough draft since I had more time to write. Since then, I've done various revisions and queried. I've been riding the bike consistently, which is good.