Monday, October 20, 2014

Where's Lenny Lee Birthday Bash!

 Guess who is turning 15 today? Can you believe it? It's hard to believe we've been here with Lenny since March of 2010. If you want to check out his first ever blog post you can go here!  I met Lenny in May when I was very sad. My beautiful cat Stripes passed away. I stayed in bed for almost two weeks, just looking for moral support in blogland.  I found some at Brian's Home and that's where I met Lenny. He was such an amazing support to me in a hard time. Our friendship grew and now he is one of my most trusted critique partners and friends. My silver lining to Stripes passing away was finding Lenny.

I talk to Lenny about once a month. Did you know he's gotten taller? And his voice has even changed? His writing style remains the same, but the quality of his posts are better. But I've noticed something, he's kind of been missing from blogland and I don't know about you, but I miss his words of wisdom and his sunshine in people's comments.

Several people have said the same thing, "Where's Lenny Lee?" So I invited them to help me celebrate Lenny's birthday and to let him know how much we miss him in blogland. I know school is harder and some days are worse than others for you, Lenny, but I think if you would spend a little time back on line with your friends you might feeling better. Plus, you would make us all feel better because you seem to say the exact right thing at the exact right time to so many of us.

We love you Lenny and we miss seeing your smiling face in blogland. So maybe, for your fifteenth birthday, you could give us a gift and come back to see us. WE MISS YOU!

Love and hugs from blom

Here are a few blog friends that are missing you and would like you to visit their blogs so they can tell you how special you are to them and so they can wish you a Happy Birthday.

Robyn Campbell
SA Larsen
Shannon Odonnell
Dianne Salerni
Susanne Drazic
Martha Ramirez
Kelly Polark
Sherrie Petersen
Melissa Sarno
Jemi Fraser
Lydia Kang
Jessica Bell
Candace Ganger
Hilary Melton-Butcher
Joanne Fritz
Brian Frum
Jenny Matlcok
Natalie Arguirre
Laura Diamond
Connie Arnold
Lola Sharp
Janet Johnson
Len Lambert
Leigh Moore
Sally Odgers
Matt Rush

Happy Birthday to my dear Blon! (PS: red is a birthday hint)

Matt r


  1. And me.

  2. I didn't see my name. But now I do. I love you Lenny. PLEASE know that. You're the best! Love you, Mayhew.

  3. Hurray! Have an amazing day, Lenny!

  4. So happy you decided to do this and that so many are participating. I'm sure this will put a smile on Lenny's face! Hi, Lenny. ((Hugs)) & Happy Birthday!

  5. Great post! Thanks so much for sharing our blogs so we can send our good wishes to Lenny. Hope he feels all the love coming his way!

  6. Happy Birthday Lenny, we miss seeing you in Blogville!

  7. Sharon, this is so kind of you (and very organized!). I don't think I ever heard the story before of how you got to know Lenny. But it's a touching one. Happy 15th Birthday, Lenny Lee!!

  8. Happy, happy birthday, sweet Lenny! We love you tons and bunches!! :)

  9. Happy, happy birthday to Lenny! What an awesome young man! ;)

  10. Thanks so much for thinking of me, Sharon! Lenny is the best.

  11. Best wishes to Lenny on his birthday. Have a happy one!

    Wrote By Rote

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  13. Sorry I got such a late start on this today...SO BUSY with our big move and getting settled into the new house. But my post is up now.

    HAPPY Birthday Lenny!!!!

    And thanks Sharon for putting this together!


  14. I forgot today was THE day! It's up now! Happy birthday, buddy! Love love love.

  15. hi blom! wow! what a BIG surprise for my birthday. for sure you made my day extra special and happy. my blogger friends are the best ever. i cant think of words that say how much all of them make my life lots more happy. i love all of them and ilove you bunches. thanks for making my birthday sooooo special.

    ...loads of love and hugs from lenny

  16. Great birthday blog post for Lenny! Sharon, thanks for organizing this!

  17. Sharon, thanks for pulling us all together for this Lenny Lee togetherness!

  18. That was quite the party! I honestly don't really know Lenny, or I would have played along. I think I stopped in on him once, a while back. Whew! There are so many wonderful blogs to hit!

    Unleashing the Dreamworld

  19. I almost missed the celebration. Happy Birthday, Lenny! And good to meet you, Sharon. :)

  20. Hi Sharon - many thanks for doing this - Lenny was totally shocked and happy - you must have made his day ...

    He very kindly sent Linda some flowers for her birthday and a card - ten days after his ..

    And we both had Halloween cards - such fun ..

    Congratulations and thanks for reminding us all .. Hilary