Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ahhh, Ohhh and a Contest

It's official.  I am Macy's hero.  I feed her.  I give her water.  I take her for walks.  I play fetch with her...but what makes me a hero?  I brought Peaches home and Macy (after almost 5 years of life) finally has a very best friend.

 There is an apple tree about 3/4th of a mile from our house.  Guess what kind of a hunter Macy is?  An apple hunter.   She carried this apple all the way home.  Her tongue hung out one side of her mouth.  She stopped to rest about fifty times.  She took a dip, with her apple, in a waterfall (man made).  She did not want any help.  (She growled when I offered.)
 After a brief cooling off period on the floor vents, Macy carried her prized apple to the living room and ate it.

I'm heading to England to visit family for the next two weeks.  I'm planning on taking my Macy notes and working on a new manuscript.  Memoirs of Macy the Mutt....
While I'm gone I thought I'd leave you with some Random questions and prizes from my last vacation.  There will be two prize packages and four consolation prizes.  The consolation prizes are a beautiful bookmark from Terry Lynn Johnson and a piece of amethyst that I found in Canada.  One prize pack will have a signed copy of the thriller   A Reason For Dying by my dear friend Will Bereswill.    The other prize pack will have a copy of Three Wolves and The Big Bad Pig.

All you have to do is be a follower and answer the questions in the comments.  Good Luck, Everyone!
1. Which do you prefer to read, kid's books or grown up books?
2. Do you keep a journal?
3. Are you sweet or sour?
4. Do you ask for directions when you get lost?

Hugs to all...I'll miss you. I'll be back on October 7th and will pick wiunners on October 10th.


  1. Hi Sharon .. seems like everyone's happy .. and Macy got her apple a day! Peaches I'm sure will rule the roost sooner than later .. and you - well you constantly scarper for a holiday .. so apple collecting is obviously a tough job - even with someone carrying the produce for you!

    Wonderful to hear Macy eats her apple - pips and all?

    Hope all goes well on your visit .. and my answers ..
    1. Grown up books
    2. No
    3. Sour - much prefer sour, salty things ...though sweet things are delicious occasionally
    4. Eventually - but I don't often get lost - help!

    Cheers - look after yourself and enjoy writing up Macy's Memoirs .. Hilary

  2. You don't have to enter me in the giveaway, I just want to say that Macy and Peaches ARE AWESOME. I can't wait to read her memoirs. And of course I'll play along:
    1. I couldn't possibly choose.
    2. I keep a blog.
    3. I'm sweet as a honeybee (that's what Melissa means)
    4. I always ask for directions.

    Hugs and have a 'brilliant!' time in England. I know you'll take pictures so I don't have to worry about that.

  3. Say hello to the Queen for me! :)

    Travel safe.

  4. I want to win the amethyst...I love rocks of any kind.

    1. I am currently reading the last Harry Potter book so, at the moment, I like young adult.

    2. Kept a journal for years, destroy them and begin again, but now I just blog.

    3. When I'm sweet, I'm dangerous so sour would be best.

    4. I have to ask directions to find my way out of a paper bag...several times.

    Have a wonderful trip.

  5. The friends are so cute! We will see you when you get back!

  6. First of all, I totally want to clone your pets. They are the cutest ever and exactly the types of dog and cat I have always wanted! (Those ears!!)
    Here are my answers:
    1. kids! I do enjoy adult books, but only when they come highly recommended by friends. But I will read almost any children's/YA book
    2. Yes, I recently started keeping a journal, because it makes me feel like a "real writer." ;)
    3. I like to think of myself as a little of both.
    4. Um, yes. Because I always get lost. Even going to the grocery store. My four-year-old always wants her father to drive her places because she says "Mama has to turn around too much."
    Have a lovely vacation!

  7. Macy and Peaches are so cute together

    1. both
    2. I used to all the time but not so much anymore. I'm constantly jotting down story ideas and descriptive phrases instead.
    3. sweet
    4. I know that I should, but I don't. lol.

    Have a great time in England.

  8. Love the photos! They look like the best of friends! :)

    I'm so jealous you're going to England!

    1 - depends on my mood. I love romantic suspense (definitely my comfort books), sci fi & fantasy, but I also adore YA and MG books. I've always been an eclectic reader :)

    2 - no journal. Did in high school - then I burned them all one night! :)

    3 - little bit of both

    4 - yup - and it drives my hubby nuts! :)

  9. What a delicious wee dog!

    Have a great holiday :)

  10. Have a wonderful trip! And I love the Macy and Peaches pictures - how adorable!

  11. I prefer grown up books. I do not keep a journal, although I know I should. I'm sweet, of course. And I never have to ask for directions because I never get lost. Hey, I'm a guy.

  12. Greetings Sharon,
    Yes, it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.
    Just wanted you to know that the parades in your honour (not 'honor', if you are in England, you must use proper English)...anyway, the parades in your honour are well under way.
    Hi Macy, what say you and I do a 'pawsting'? After all, us dogs are better writers than humans could ever be! Arf! Arf!
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny xx

  13. Yay for Macy the mighty apple hunter! LOL!!

    Awwwww big hello to Peaches too!! So cute together!!

    1) I don't have a preference as I do love both! Sorry!!
    2) No
    3) Sweet with a little tartness!
    4) Eventually! LOL!

    Hugs! Take care x

  14. Have a great trip!
    1. Really depends on the time of day. HA! I have on my bedside 1 copy of MG level and 1 adult. I also like reading to the girls.

    2. YES!

    3. Sweet, of course!

    4. Depends if I need to be somewhere on time. If time is not an issue, I like to say I'm just wandering, not lost. ;)

  15. Hi Sharon. I hope you have a safe and fabulous trip to England!

    1. YA books, primarily. I do read grown up books every now and then, though.
    2. I don't. But I do want to start. :)
    3. I was so tempted to say "sweet," but it's probably "sour" for me.
    4. Oh yes, all the time. I'm the worst when it comes to directions.

  16. I love Macy and her apple hunting story. Too cute. I guess I prefer grown up books, but kids books are great too. Journal -yes. Definitely sweet. Directions, moi? Never.

  17. Waaaaahaaaa What will I do without you????? *boohoo*

    1. Kidlet books. Big people books confuse the kid in my. ;-)
    2. Beth bought me one and I have stuff in it. *lifts head, wondering where journal is*
    3. Of course. Sweet.
    4. I want to, but hubby always thinks he knows the way. We end up even more lost than before. *sigh*


  18. I meant to say how kissable and huggable Macy and Peaches look. xoxoxoxo for them too.


  19. Have a wonderful trip home, Sharon! Safe travels!

    1) Kid books
    2) Yes, I keep a journal
    3) Hopefully sweet
    4) Yes, I ask for directions when I get lost


  20. hi miss sharon! wow cool pictures! i love how macy and peaches are good friends. that storys gonna be way cool but i gotta tell you i dont think macy could wanna know your calling her a mutt. ha ha. for those questions heres my answers.
    1. kids books for sure
    2. i did til i got blogging
    3. for sure sweet
    4. i dont cause i dont get lost lest im with someone else driving
    i hope you have a real good time at england. cant wait to see the pics youre gonna take an i know youre gonna do lots of them. :)
    ...big hugs from lenny

  21. I love YA books.
    I don't have a journal, but I journaled for years during highschool and college.
    Sour (and salty!)
    I ask my iPhone for directions. Does that count?

  22. Hope you have a great trip! And good luck with the new book. :)

    1. Kid's. No question.
    2. Yes. (Do I write in in very often? That's the real question.)
    3. Sweet.
    4. Yes. Sometimes. It depends on how lost I feel. ;)

  23. Hi Sharon,
    I absolutely love those pics of Macy and Peaches. They're both adorable. Thanks for sharing them with us. :) They put a smile on my face. I'll miss your posts but some needed vacation will do you some good to get your writing your MS. ;) I wish you a lovely time in England.
    To answer your random questions:
    1) grown-up books
    2) No journal for me
    3) I'm both: sweet and sour ;)
    4) Definitely! Hate to stereotype but it's usually guys who don't ask for directions, LOL!!!

    Have a great time in England!!!!

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  25. Hope this competition is open for foreigners!

    1)Grown up and YA.
    2)Nope, too busy with two blog. ;-)
    3)Sweet with a tang.
    4)Nope. I have a remarkable inner compass that means I can navigate back to where I was and try again. However, on the few occasions the compass failed, I did ask for help.

    Enjoy your trip!

  26. AWWW! They are so cute!

    Let's see:
    1. YA, so...right in the middle.
    2. Yes, it's very short, but I keep one.
    3. Sweet. All the way.
    4. I am always lost and directions just confuse me more. I totally need a GPA. ;)

  27. I am looking forward to reading about Macy and Peaches. They look cute together.

    1. I prefer grown up books
    2. I did as a teenager, but now I keep a blog.
    3. Sweet-chocolate is my favorite
    4. Directions confuse me unless they are well-written, but I will ask if needed.

  28. Sweet post! Macy and Peaches are super cute! <3

    I've already won one of your contests, so I won't enter.

    Have a great trip! :)

  29. Your pets are adorable. :) Such a cute apple story.

    1. Kids
    2. No, not anymore.
    3. Sweet with a capital S.
    4. No. I prefer GPS.

  30. cute pics and macy story!

    i like both kid & adult books =)
    no journal, except my blog & photo albums/scrapbooks
    i'm sweet AND sour ! everyone should have a touch of both
    if i ever needed to (like if i was in amazing race) i would. but i always have a map or gps and i'm a good navigator =)

    ps, i tagged you! come over when you have time and see!

  31. Your dog and cat are adorable! What kind of dog is it?

    1. I mostly read mg and ya, but I do read adult books on occasion.

    2. I don't keep a journal. I've tried a few times in my life.
    3. I'm a mix. I'd like to be sweeter, but I can get sour.
    4. I do ask for direction. My husband would prefer not to.

    Will miss you!

  32. Sharon,
    Thank you so much for responding to my 'a' post on September 10, 2011. That was so great when I remembered to check it an' had three comments. An' that with just an' 'a.' I totally feel loved. I hafta' wonder what would'a happened if I had added a couple more letters; haha.

    Have a great time in England, Sharon. I look forward to seeing you when you get back.

    I love that you are writing 'bout Macy. Am I correct in thinking you are also including Peaches in your stories? Oh, I do hope so.

    Here are my answers:
    1) I prefer kid's an' slightly older kids' books
    2) Yes, I do keep a journal, although not every day an' not really in the traditional way
    3) I think I am sweet, although I certainly do have my sour moments
    4) I learned many years ago that it's far better to ask for directions than to trust my own instincts, so yes, I do ask for directions alla' time

    Hurry back, Sharon. We'll miss you.


    ~ Yaya

  33. 1. Prefer YA and middle grade books
    2. I do not keep a journal but always have a notebook with me that I take notes in.
    3. Love sweet things.
    4. Definitely ask for directions

  34. How nice for Macy to have a new friend. Hope you are having a wonderful time on your trip! My answers are:
    1. Kid's books when I'm with my grandchildren (and sometimes when I'm not) and grown up most of the time.
    2. I don't keep a journal but need to as my memory is getting worse.
    3. Definitely sweet!
    4. I often get lost and ask for directions, but less often now that GPS is available!

    Hugs to you, Sharon!

  35. Cute pictures of the pets!

    1. I pretty much read everything.
    2. I keep a journal. It is actually part of my day planner. I always have it with me.
    3. I would have to say I am a mix of sweet and sour. Depends on the day :)
    4. I do ask for directions if I get lost.

  36. Hi Sharon! How are you? Stop by when you get a chance, I've got a new post up--my first in a very long time! I've really missed the blogging community! :)

    Cool contest . . . here are my answers:

    1. I like both! I'm a Gemini . . .
    2. No, unfortunately.
    3. Sweet
    4. Yes, but only when I'm totally lost!

  37. Not entering the contest, just stopping by to say hi and thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the photos and am so glad the apple made it all the way home! :)