Friday, July 8, 2011

A Full Report...(From Macy)

 Mom bought me a HUGE outside bowl for the cabin. 
It gets hot at Bull Shoals Lake in Missouri and Arkansas, but I seriously don't think I can drink it!  I'm for sure am not drinking it after she plopped me in it???
 I happened again!  I saw a rock with a head!!!
 I for sure didn't like it when that rock started moving...
 I finally got to go on the boat when Dad got to the lake. 
I was a bit embarrassed because my swimsuit didn't fit anymore. 
 But instead of feeling sorry for myself I taught my people how to play catch.
I stayed on the boat this time. 
I threw the ball to Katherine and she caught it.
Then she threw it back to me and I caught it. 
The lake was really high!  Trees, cliffs and islands were under water!!! 
Everyone got up before sunrise one morning.
 I alerted them that there was something in my yard! 
Three deer were eating my grass!!! 
 There were lots of birds at the cabin. 
Mom kept feeding them this yummy nutty smelling stuff. 
She wouldn't give me any???
I didn't like it when squirrels got on the deck and sat by our rock pile... 
 So I chased them off. 
This silly squirrel thinks I can't see him hiding in my tree.
Mom really liked these little yellow birds. 
I thought they were okay. 
The only birds I don't like are the giant black ones that made LOTS of noise.
 I never like it when Dad gets out of the boat by himself and Mom pulls him on a string.  It seems kind of dangerous to me.
 Check out my new swimsuit!  I got it just in time for going to the Buffalo National River for a float trip....I loved my new suit!  It fit perfectly.
 These were our boats.  I rode in the back of the big one.
Mom, Dad and Katherine saw a deer on the bank. 
I wasn't too impressed. It was much smaller than the ones I saw in my yard. 
 I made sure everyone knew about the raccoon walking down the bank. 
 The water was really clear and warm.  We had to go to deep spots to cool off.
 Ick!  Slimy things creep me out...
This was one hungry squirrel! 
The sun finally set on our month at the cabin.  Mom and Katherine read lots of books.  Mom revised 5 picture book manuscripts and worked on one chapter book manuscript.  We all did lots of eating, sleeping and swimming. 
It was a great time! 

I hope everyone has a great summer!

Are you doing anything special this summer???


  1. Oh my gosh this is excellent! LOL Look at that squirrel!!!!

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome vacation!!! I LOVE the puzzled expression on Macy's face, standing in the wading pool! :D

  3. Macy, you've got quite the life!

    I love your big smile in the last picture best of all!

  4. What a fantastic month you've had, such terrific adventures! The mom can't remember having a month off as an adult--except for a couple of times when she was between jobs and that wasn't exactly fun. LOL.

    As for us, we have every day off, of course, but certainly aren't doing anything exciting as you, Macy!

    -Nicki and Derry

  5. My goodness, what a fun time and a great vacation! I really like all the critters, even the slim one!!!

  6. Aw-- what a great post! Looks like y'all had a wonderful break. Macy's so precious! Give her a pat for me. :)

  7. What a great recap, Macy! You are so cute in your new swimsuit! I think red is your color.

  8. Beautiful and ever so talented Macy!! You are a clever reporter doggy!! Yay for your holiday report - I really enjoyed reading about all these fun stuff you did and all the amazing creatures you've seen!! Wow!!!! I am so glad you had a wonderful break with your folks! You look stunning in your new swimming costume! Take care

  9. I love how photogenic Macy is! Sounds like a great vacation!

  10. hi macy!
    wow! you did a really cool post and i love all those neat pictures. for sure your new swim suit is sooooo cool and you look just real pretty in it. :) im just happy you had a nice holiday. i hope all your family did.
    ...hugs and pats from lenny

  11. That's the cutest thing I've seen all week. Maybe all month.

    Happy Summer!

  12. So much beauty in nature! I I love the life jacket :)

  13. Hi Macy,
    Yes, tis I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. My oh my, didn't you have a good time with your human family.
    And Macy, it's very good to see you have 'pawblished' a posting. Some very good writing here. Then again, I've always maintained us dogs are far better writers than those humans! :)
    Any hey, thanks for asking if I'm doing anything special this summer. Well, being famous, I shall be spending most of the summer, avoiding the 'Puppyarazzi'...
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star xx

  14. Hi Macy .. wonderful - sounds like you had the most glorious time .. lots of interesting rocks, moving ones too, wildlife and sights to behold .. that dashing along on a rope behind the boat is a bit 'silly' isn't it - but those humans love it! Does Katharine do it too?

    Macy what a wonderful trip .. and I hope Ginger enjoyed her time too .. enjoy being home .. cheers Hilary

  15. Awesome pics... looks like fun.

  16. So sweet! What a wonderful holiday you had! Thanks for the update, Macy. :) You look fab in your swimsuit.

    We just got back from Hong Kong. It's good to be back, but the trip was both too long and too short: too long away from my family in America, too short with my family in Hong Kong. :)


  17. Great pics!!! I didn't know there were doggie life vests.

  18. Love the pics! Thanks for sharing.

  19. It does look like a GREAT time! That sunset is gorgeous. All of the pictures are wonderful. Thank you for them, Sharon, and for stopping by and commenting on Jessica Bell's poetry. She IS a great poet!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  20. Very cute - great photos. I didn't know they made doggie life vests either!

  21. Macy is living the life better than me, lol.

    I had a few adventures this summer and plan on traveling a bit more in August.

  22. Wow! Macy is surely having an awesome (and quite busy) summer time. :P I envy her. Great pictures!!

  23. Great pictures. What a great way to spend the summer. I'm hoping mine slows down next week.

  24. Looks like you and your people had a fantastic time, Macy.

  25. How precious!!!! I love reading your blog thru macy's POV.

  26. Great photos! And I loved the descriptions underneath, especially the rock with a head, the deer eating "my" grass, and Dad pulling Mom on a "string." LOL Sounds like a wonderful time!! (productive too, with the working on the manuscripts!!)

  27. Macy told it all! I love the pictures too... now I can't wait to get my hands on all those revisions. Hee hee. :o)

    Have a lovely night!


  28. Wow, looks like Macy is having one heck of a summer! What beautiful pictures. Makes me wish I had a boat!

  29. That must have been fun to play catch in the water. Did you have a floating ball?

  30. Awww this is brilliant, I loved it! Macy is adorable. My highlight was the rock with a head. :-)

    Such a lovely set of photos too!

  31. Loved all of the pics! Macy is adorable!

  32. Haha ~ very fun photos Sharon! Cute!

    We aren't taking holidays until September. So then it feels like fall. Well now, the sad part is, that's only 6 1/2 weeks away. How come summer always goes so fast!??

    Hope you are having a good one!
    xo Catherine

  33. Hi Macy, Just dropped by to thank your mom for stopping by my blog and got to meet you which is really nice. I enjoyed the pictures telling about all you saw. Those were some strange characters you had to control and tell us about. I loved your new swimsuit. I bet my Rocky would really like to meet you. You could check each other out. Well take care of your folks and tell them I said have a great week.

  34. So glad you all had a wonderful holiday! Loved the sunset picture...made me miss the mid-west and the beauty of their sunsets.
    Macy, I also loved your new swimsuit!

  35. What a fun update! How nice to spend a month relaxing at a cabin. Add his to my list of things to do someday. :)

  36. I love this post. Macy is just gorgeous. Love the swimsuit haha :) It snowed today much to the kids delight!