Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guess What Arrived In My Inbox????

My daughter...the poet!

I'm having a proud Mom moment! We downloaded a copy of Berry Blue Haiku with Katherine's first published poetry in it. And guess what... you can get a copy of Berry Blue Haiku for free if you haven't registered at yet!  If you have registered it will only cost $1.75 to download.  Berry Blue Haiku is full of wonderful haiku poems including two written by my Katherine!  December's issue also has how to make a Haiku holiday gift bag,  lessons on writing Haiku poems, adorable Berry Blue Haiku Bookmarks, a Haikreature Feature (a Haiku and a factual featured animal), a hidden picture, and loads of lovely illustrations.

Berry Blue Haiku has a resourceful blog and the nicest executive editor.  (Hi, Gisele!)  Berry Blue Haiku is a paying market for adults, but you don't have to be an adult to submit.  Katherine even won a book from the people at Cobalt Crow Productions!  There are adult submission guidelines, student guidelines, and illustrator guidelines.  Don't be shy...submit to Berry Blue Haiku!  (Talk about a fun on the tongue title...)

And now I'll leave you with a couple of Katherine's poems...
(I had her permission to post these two.)

A monster
Lurks in the darkness
of Loch Ness


In the woods
Concealed in foliage
Lies Bigfoot

Happy writing everyone! 

I hope you'll stretch yourself
and try something new...
perhaps you'll even write a Haiku...


  1. Woohoo! Congrats!!!! That's so awesome - I'm going to check it out :)

  2. This is so amazingly awesome! You have such a smart, talented daughter and she's gorgeous to boot. I am going to check out the site and see about the haikus!

  3. Oh wow, congratulations to Katherine! She's so awesome and talented, and I love her haiku.

  4. hi miss sharon and kathrine! WOWEEEE you got your hikoo poems in that berry blue magazine. how cool is that! for sure you both gotta be feeling just really happy and way proud. their my kind of poems cause bigfoot and nessie rock! its gotta be reallly hard saying so much in just only so little. for sure im gonna get that magazine and im gonna tell my brother cause he loves reading and writing poems. HOOORAY for katherine!!!! YAY for a really proud mom!!!!!
    ...hugs from lenny

  5. That's so exciting! Congrats! And it's always fun to learn about another children's magazine. Thanks, Sharon!

  6. Congrats!

    It's a wonderful feeling to have your first work published.


  7. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant :)

    Congrats to Katherine!

  8. Oh Sharon K Mayhew!!!!! Your daughter's a poet!! What a wonderful achievement for her and what a proud time for you!! Wonderful!!! And these are great haikus!!! Yay for her!!!! Yay for you!!! Have a great Friday! Take care

  9. Congrats!!! that IS a proud Mommy moment.

  10. How wonderful!!! A proud mamma indeed! Congratulations to your daughter ~ good stuff!
    xo Catherine

  11. Oh my, how exciting...for both of you! BRAVO!!!

  12. Congratulations to the fabulous family of writers!!!

  13. I was going to add a Haiku as my comment, but I totally suck at Haikus. If fight the syllables and the imagery. It's a very constraining medium which only seems to add to its beauty. Pass on my congratulations!! and admiration!!!!

  14. Aww, that is such a treat for a mom! Congratulations to you and Katherine! She is a budding poet and writer, indeed! Thanks for the links, Sharon. I'll be going over to check Berry Blue soon! :)

  15. How exciting for both of you! And she looks like a beauty peeking behind her haikus!
    Congrats, Katherine!!! Hugs to you both!

  16. Congratulations to the talented Katherine! You sound chuffed Proud Mom!

  17. Proud mom moment, indeed! Congratulations to your girl!!

  18. Congratulations Katherine ... Like mother like daughter. I'm sure Katherine got her talent from her equally talented mother. Well done Sharon for being a great inspiration to your daughter. :)

  19. Hi Sharon,
    Wow, that's truly awesome and fantastic! Hearty congratulations to Katherine. I can tell you are beaming with pride over your daughter's accomplishment. Totally understandable. Totally heart warming:-)
    Have a lovely weekend, stay warm and keep smiling.
    Gary :-)

  20. Congratulations Katherine! How exciting and wonderful to have your poems published. Haiku is a test of one's ability to capture a moment in few words and you have done it. Cheers to the proud mum!

  21. My 11 yo loves the write poetry for my birthday presents. The last one he gave me had me in the tears.

    Congrats, Katherine!

  22. Congrats to your daughter and to the proud mom!!! I would be so happy too:)

  23. How exciting. CONGRATS to Katherine and her very proud mom!

    I got my own copy now. I have some haikus that I will see about submitting to them. Thanks for posting about this!

  24. Awesome… I know it will be good.
    Maybe I’ll write one, thx for the inspiration.

  25. Congratulations to your lovely daughter, this is amazing... and congratulations to you too, proud mummy :)

  26. Katherine
    Mom is proud

    That's my haiku for you both. :)
    She's lovely, Sharon.

  27. Congratulations on launching your writing career so cleverly, Katherine. I'm so proud of you. An' I went to collect my copy of Berry Blue Haiku an' was so excited by all I found that they hadda' finally drag me out, kicking an' screaming. That's okay; I found a secret entrance. I love that place!

    Sharon, I cannot forget you. What a proud moment this must be. Watch out! Your talent seems to be rubbing off on Katherine. Good job, both of you.

    ~ Yaya

  28. A gargantuan congrads, Katherine. What an awesome place to be, over there. How'z comes I never knew about that place? I am snatching it up, girlfriend. Please congratulate your beautiful daughter for me. (The apple never falls far from the tree, pal.) She inherited the writing gene from her lovely Mama. YEAH!

  29. Congrats to your daughter! So exciting! :)

  30. Hi Sharon!
    Congratulations to Katherine on her published haikus!!! And congrats to the proud mother ;)
    It's so wonderful that she's exposed to writing at such a young age. She's lucky to have you as her guide.
    May this be the beginning of a wonderful career in writing for Katherine.

  31. huge congrats to Katherine!! That's so exciting :)

  32. There's nothing better than being a proud mother! Congratulations to her!

  33. Congrats to your daughter! Writing must be in the genes.

  34. Hi Sharon and Katharine .. how proud your Mama sounds, Katharine, and rightly so - what wonderful news - well done. Your poems are fun .. and Mum follows on I see .. have a wonderful week .. Hilary