Tuesday, October 12, 2010

CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! Connie Arnold Stops In To Chat About Her Picture Book ANIMAL SOUND MIX-UP

I don't do many book reviews, but when Connie Arnold asked me if I would review her picture book ANIMAL SOUND MIX-UP I jumped at the chance.  ANIMAL SOUND MIX-UP is one cute book!  Imagine if one day you woke up and all the animals in the world made different sounds...Wouldn't that be funny!!!  ANIMAL SOUND MIX-UP is a fun rhyming book that lets the imagination go wild.......

My favorite line from the book is:
"What if when you went to the zoo, all the monkeys were to moo? " (Now how cute is that!)

ANIMAL SOUND MIX-UP was published by Guardian Angel Publishing and is available in print, on an ebook cd and an ebook pdf.  You can buy it directly from GAP (Guardian Angel Publishing) , from Amazon or from Barnes and Noble.  

Guardian Angel Publishing is based in Saint Louis, Missouri (many of you know I lived in STL for 9 years, which is longer than I lived anywhere else in my entire life).  I took this opportunity  to learn a little about Guardian Angel Publishing from Connie.  (I have to be honest here...I wanted to learn about them for my benefit too.  I'm always looking for a good reason to go to Saint Louis and having a publisher there would be a great reason to make the five and half hour drive.)   GAP will start accepting submissions again on April 1 via email. So I asked Connie a few questions...

Me: Aspiring writers are always curious about what makes a writer submit to a particular publishing house. What made you submit with GAP?
Connie: A friend who had books published by Guardian Angel Publishing recommended that I submit my manuscript. I visited the website - http://www.guardianangelpublishing.com/ - and really liked what I saw. Now it's my turn to recommend GAP to others!

Me: I noticed several GAP authors did a book signing in Saint Louis in September, what was the best part of the event?
Connie: We did two events in St. Louis, one at the Children's Illustrated Art Museum, and a book signing at Borders. The event at the museum was such fun with many home school families attending and participating in the many activities we had for them. My favorite part was reading Animal Sound Mix-up to them and the fun they had with it and getting to share their own animal sounds afterward.It was great getting to meet GAP publisher, Lynda Burch, and some of the other authors and illustrators.

Me: Do you have any other events planned?
Connie: Since we went from St. Louis on to visit children, grandchildren and other family for two weeks and recently returned home, I'm just now able to get some events lined up. I plan to do events at the library and some preschool classes and will be contacting others soon, as well as looking into doing book signings. I've talked with some others about doing a signing together sometime, which I know from the St. Louis experience is fun!

Me: Animal Sound Mix-up is such a cute book! What "sparked" the idea for it?
Connie: Having young grandchildren! They are learning so much, including the sounds animal makes, and I started thinking about the variety of sounds animals make and how different they all are. Then, I guess craziness set in (I might have caught that from my grandsons)!

Me: Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring writers?
Connie: Keep writing, find what you do best and share it with others, get feedback so you can improve your writing, and if you want to be published, be persistent and not discouraged in the face of rejections but have faith in yourself and the talent God has given you!
If you have a little one or a grandbaby they'll love ANIMAL SOUND MIX-UP over and over and over again...
If you haven't met Connie, please hop over to her blog and meet her. 
Thanks for stopping in and have a wonderful week...Do you have any special writing plans for the week???


  1. Great interview, Sharon! I like the idea of you getting a publisher in St. Louis and making lots of visits. :)

  2. Sharon, thank you so much for your wonderful post and sharing about Animal Sound Mix-up and Guardian Angel Publishing! You are a wonderful writer, and I have high hopes for your publishing success!

  3. Susan, I agree that Sharon did a great interview and would be so happy for her to have that special reason to visit St. Louis!

  4. I can see how kids would get a good laugh out of this. My kids used to go into hysterics from A is for Salad. I hope the book is a success.

  5. Great interview ladies. Connie, this sounds like an adorable book. Best of luck with it.

    As for writing plans, I am participating in the Muse Onine Writers Conference this week, so writing every day is on the agenda.


  6. That is so cool, maybe that is the big thing that is going to happen in 2012! Very creative she is!!!

  7. Theresa, kids do seem to enjoy the bizarre and unexpected, don't they?

    Cheryl, thanks. See you at the Muse Conference!

    Brian, interesting thought! Thanks!

  8. Great review and interview of Connie. Animal Sound Mix-up is a pure delight.

    I had the opportunity to meet Connie in person at the St. Louis GAP Events last month and it was truly wonderful!

    Best wishes to you both for your continued success,

  9. Animal Sound Mix-up does sound like a cute book! :D

    Great interview!

  10. What a great idea for a book! I love it. And great interview, ladies. :-)

  11. That looks cute! Great interview...Thanks for adding the bit on GAP--we don't get to hear much about the publishing houses (especially the smaller ones).

  12. Susan! OMgoodness...we've missed you! Does this mean you're back?

    It would be wonderful to have an extra excuse to run to STL to visit you. :-o

    Connie--Thanks for asking me to review your book! It was so much fun!

    Theresa--I think everyone's kids will get a kick out this wonderful picture book. :)

    Cheryl--WTG! Writing every day! Keep up the good work...

    Brian--You are right, Connie is very talented!

    Kit--First let me say what a great job you did on the illustrations! You had to create so many different characters. WTG! They are wonderful!!! Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :)

    Donna--Thanks for dropping in. I thought you were at that signing too. :-) How fun!

    G Eagle--It is a really cute one!

    Shannon--It's a great example of a what if book if you're looking for a writing model for a class activity....

    Vicki--Your welcome. I thought you guys might find it interesting. :)

    Candace--It is a cute one...

  13. Thank you for all the kind comments! You will all be entered in two drawings, for a $10 Amazon gift certificate and an Animal Encyclopedia, at the end of the tour. If you purchase a copy of Animal Sound Mix-up, please let me know to be entered to a drawing for an animal ornament set.

  14. Wow!! What a sweet book!! I want to have grandkids now so I can read it to them and make the animal noises! :-) Thanks for a great interview and words of wisdom - priceless and so true!!! Hello Connie Arnold - GOOD LUCK with this fab book and thanks Sharon K Mayhew! Take care

  15. Great interview Sharon and Connie. Sharon, your info and review are right on. Guardian Angel Publishing is a wonderful company and Connie's book IS terrific. I had a chance to thumb through it in St. Louis. Connie, it was so great to meet you. I'll be ordering a copy of your book and looking forward to when we meet again so you can sign it. ;O)

  16. Old Kitty, just another advantage to having grandkids - getting to read fun books like this to them.

    Jack, it was terrific meeting you too. My grandkids sure love your illustrations in Poodle and Doodle and finding the hidden bones!

  17. Great interview, thx for all you do.

  18. Thank you for this great interview, Sharon and Connie!

    Animal Sound Mix-Up looks and sounds so cute!

    Emy Shin (my new blog)

  19. I love the sound of this book! Such a fun idea :)

  20. What a cute book! Great interview guys!

  21. hi miss sharon and miss connie! wow you know i love animals so that book would be real fun to read. but its just too young for me. i could imitate 3 animals a dog a baby raccoon and a seal. i sure got a lot of talent. ha ha. that was a neat interview and any one that writes stuff about animals is way up on my too cooool list. :)
    ...hugs from lenny

  22. This book sounds super cute ~ and anything that gets kids reading is a very good thing indeed! :)

    xo Catherine

  23. What a fun interview! Great advice too, Connie. Thank you! Writing plans? To write every day! Woot!

  24. Carolyn, thank you, glad you like it!

    Lenny, your comment is priceless to me! I would love to hear you do your animal imitations. Sounds like you do have a lot of talent! It's great to know that I'm on your cool list, and I hope to write more about animals. Hugs to you too!

    Catherine, thanks, and I agree that getting kids reading is very good!

    Ali, thank you, and best wishes to you with your writing!

  25. Nice interview. This sounds like such a fun book!

  26. Nice interview. Our youngest Grand would love this book. She is always wanting to mix up animal sounds to be silly.

    Thank you.

  27. Thanks for all the work you do keeping writers in the know!

    Writing plans include working on my Highlights Fiction Contest piece. Arrgghhh.

  28. I would've loved this as a kid--my friends and I used to mix up animal sounds for fun all the time haha. And we'd always wonder, what sound do pandas make? "Paaannnnddaaaaa"??

    Your blog always makes me smile! Hope you have a wonderful week too.

    Mm no writing plans for me this week, but I do have to get this client manuscript out to the editor like last month! haha

  29. Kevin and Kristen, thank you for your comments!

    Jenny, little children do seem to have fun with animal sounds and being silly. Sounds like your granddaughter would really enjoy Animal Sound Mix-up!

    Jude, that's funny! It's fun to have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews or someone to buy books for so we can read to them and enjoy the fun as well!

  30. Wow, this book sounds fantastic! Something my daughter would really enjoy. Thanks!

  31. Hi Sharon,
    This book seems like a fascinating concept. Your interview and the suggestions are most noteworthy.
    I shall go over and check Connie's blog. 'Hi Connie, I'm on my way.'
    Sharon, please make sure you have a peaceful and positive week. I'm thinking about doing a blog on 'grammar anarchy', for a change. lol
    With respect, Gary :-)

  32. Elana, thank you! Animal Sound Mix-up is meant for children to enjoy (and it's OK if the parents have fun with it too)!

    Gary, thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog. I enjoyed visiting yours as well.

  33. The book sounds great and I love her advice. It's golden.

  34. You had me at that cover. :D

    I'm working on the first draft of my new WIP.

  35. This is so adorable and such a wonderful idea. Actually gave me some ideas for a fun little game to play with kids.
    Also, what a great interview!
    My special writing plan is to write a fun scene in a story I'm working on. I'm actually looking forward to it. Better stop procrastinating! :o/

  36. Lydia, thank you for your kind comment!

    Stina, isn't that cover great!

    Melissa, glad you got some ideas and enjoyed the interview!

  37. I think her idea is excellent! I have a grandson and I know that is a fun part of learning! I hope all the children writers out there submit--some good information with a review.

  38. That sounds like such a cute idea for a picture book, Sharon! Great review, too! Thanks for sharing Connie's encouraging words of advice with us!

  39. What a great concept - and a terrific interview, too. Thanks, Sharon. Hope you're having a good week.

  40. Great interview! Thank you, Sharon!

    Picture books seem SO hard to write to me. I find myself in awe of picture book writers, because it's so hard to write originally for young children and not be patronizing or sound like you're trying too hard! This book sounds great, so congratulations on the amazing concept, Connie!

  41. Terri, thanks for your comment! I would encourage children writers to submit to Guardian Angel Publisher when you are ready to submit your manuscript.

    Hema, thank you! Sharon did a great job with those interview questions!

    Talli, I'm glad you like the concept. Thanks for your comment!

    Sangu, writing for children defintely requires different skills than other writing. Having grandchildren and reading books to them was a help to me in my writing.

  42. sounds like a great book! I know someone who would love it. thanks.

  43. Wonderful interview! I love Connie's advice about finding what we do best and sharing it with others. :o) I think I have three little people that will adore this book (esp. the baby who loves animals sounds)!

    Thanks, ladies!

  44. Hi Sharon and great to see Connie here telling her story .. I loved this - easy to read and yet comprehensive. Grandsons sound as though they offer lots of thoughts .. for ideas.

    I loved hearing about the process .. and reading a little about GAP ..and hearing about the St Louis connection .. lovely fun, light yet interesting post - thank you .. have great weekends with family ... happy days .. Hilary

  45. Terry, thanks for your comment! I've been running across so many adults who want to have somebody to give it to so they have an excuse to buy it. Who says you have to have a kid to buy and enjoy a children's book? But it sure is fun when you do!

    Jackee, I'm glad you enjoyed the interview and my advice. How wonderful that you have three little people! Sounds like a good audience for the animal sounds.

    Hilary, thanks, glad you liked it! Yes, my grandsons offer plenty of thoughts and ideas. Hope you have a great weekend too!