Saturday, July 24, 2010


Yesterday's winners are:
Jacqueline, Jeff, & Lenny

(Public toilets...not quite the same as being at home.)

I'm sure you know about Jackee's and my REALLY RANDOM DOUBLE T-800 Blog Party, right? If not click here to enter my grand prize giveaway and here to enter Jackee's. Check back with me daily to answer a few questions worthy of a few small, but random daily prizes...

Only7 days left until the big reveal...(Please forgive me if I get a bit behind on reading your blogs...Flood number two in two weeks has put a bit of a damper on things...)

Today's questions...
  1. It's 1 a.m. and you're at Waffle House, what do you order to drink?
  2. If you could visit any kind of  fruit farm, what would it be and why?
Thanks for joining in on our random fun!

 [Jackee and I will not be playing along on each others games as we don't want to mess up any of's karma for future contests we enter...]

Check back tomorrow to see if you won prize number 1 or 2.


  1. 1. a chocolate milk :)
    2. raspberry!

  2. 1. seriously leaded, bad coffee, black, of course. And then wince at the bad coffee.

    2. blueberries. 15 minutes ago my husband and I were trying to figure out where we could go berry picking right now!

  3. I hope the flooding leaves you alone soon!

  4. 1. Water...but then I'm going to get some of those hashbrowns with lots of junk on them.

    2. lemon

  5. 1. A strawberry milkshake, of course!

    2. Apples. Love cider, love apple sauce... and I live in Washington, where apples abound. I prefer Pink Lady apples to any other variety BTW.

  6. hi miss sharon! i won a prize! yippeee! hope its not some of that girly stuff youre giving away. ha ha. im still gonna play cause its fun but if you get my name again pick someone else so more people could have fun winning stuff. heres my answers for today.

    1. id get a big glass of orange juice

    2. id go to a mango farm cause i love mangos. id sit under a tree and eat mangos til my belly was so full i couldnt get up. :)

    ...hugs from lenny

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  8. Oh Sharon, flood number 2? My heart goes out to you!! :(

    (1) Is Waffle House a real place? And they're open at 1a.m.? Can you give me directions? ... I'd order pineapple juice. :)

    (2) Mango farm. I love mangoes.


  9. If I'm eating any breakfast food then I am drinking milk. If I'm not eating, then I'll have a Diet Coke or water.

    I'd go to an apple orchard....because apples are my favorite fruit and I've never been to an orchard before.

  10. This one was easy!

    1) COFFEE!!!
    2) Grape farm.

  11. 1) I've not been to a waffle house - and don't think there's one here but if I were in one - I would order a big mega mug of cappuccino!

    2) A Pear farm!! Hopefully they'll make Perry and I'll have tons of that! :-)

    Take care

  12. I have never been to a waffle house. If it's 1am and I'm out I'm most likely drunk, so I'll get water. ;-)
    Are there pineapple farms? num num num num num...

  13. 1. Chocolate milk
    2. A grape far, hopefully on a vineyard where there is also wine tasting.

    Stephen Tremp

  14. 1. Ice water with lots of lemon
    2. I'm with Stephen=grapes, hopefully some wine included!
    Thanks so much Sharon...Hope the rains stay away and give you all a chance to dry up=good luck sweet friend.

  15. 1. A drink at the waffle house at 1 am? Too early or late for coffee, depending on how you look at it. My three regular drinks are coffee, water, and wine, so I'll stick with water. I know, no fun. I assume they don't serve wine.

    2. I've always wanted to go strawberry picking, so that's the farm I'd want to visit.

  16. It's 1 a.m. and you're at Waffle House, what do you order to drink?
    Chocolate milk! :D

    If you could visit any kind of fruit farm, what would it be and why?
    Grapes! I'd like to see a whole vineyard of them. :)

  17. 1. Water
    2. Strawberries - fun to pick and fun to eat

  18. 1. Coke
    2. I love apple orchards, they are wonderful, apple pie, apple cider, apple everything!!

  19. Nice pic!!!

    1. Decaf coffee
    2. Peach orchard - in fact I just went to one this weekend :-)