Sunday, May 2, 2010


We did something last week; something special…We bought a 2010 Ultra Classic Harley Davidson!

I’m must admit, I was nervous about getting on it. I rode on the back of a couple bikes when I was a kid, but that was a long time ago. Buying a Harley and getting on it with my husband was really stepping out of my prim and proper comfort zone. But…let me tell you, it is awesome!

We went on a short ride today (51 miles). It was windy, but it’s always windy in Iowa. The thing I noticed most was the smells. I could smell different blooming trees and flowers. I could smell fresh cut grass and plowed fields. I’m pretty sure I could even smell water. Someone was burning wood and someone else was burning something that wasn’t wood (don’t know what it was). I had no idea how the smell of sense would be so intense while riding and all of this with my helmet on. (Yes, we did get helmets. It’s not the law here, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.)

When we signed the papers at Silver Eagle Harley Davidson the salesman told us a story about a trip he took in the Northeast. He said he and his wife were riding with no plan in mind, just looking for somewhere pretty to ride. They had a few days off and no plans. (My inner self was like, what no plan? How are you going to know when you get where you are going?)

He said they pulled up to an intersection and he asked a guy in a vehicle for advice.

“Where’s a good place to ride? You know a pretty ride,” he asked.

“Where are you going?” The guy asked.

“Nowhere, we’re just looking for a pretty ride?” he responded.

The guy in the vehicle looked dumfounded. “What are you going to see?” the guy asked.

“We’re just looking for a nice ride. We don’t have any plans,” he replied.

I’m not there yet. Getting on a Harley was out of my comfort zone. Going on a trip with no itinerary may take me a few years…

What have you done that took you out of your comfort zone?

Don’t forget to come back on TuesdayLaura Bradford (Elizabeth Lynn Casey) will be stopping by for an interview and I’ll be giving away four of her signed books.


  1. Hi

    Blimey!!! I am so so impressed!! That is one big beast of a machine!! Crikey!

    You hell's angel you! I'm sorely tempted to ask what chapter you belong too - hahah - chapter -writer - book?? Gerrit?? Oh ok, I promise not to give up the day job!


    Gosh - starting a blog took me out of my comfort zone! Seriously!

    Take care

  2. Ooh - I'm excited for Laura's interview tomorrow!

    Congrats on your Harley purchase - I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

  3. My most adventurous move was years ago, in my twenties (long before cell phones), when I went to visit a friend in Munich without having confirmed with him that I was even coming. I simply left a message at his office. (I lived in Spain at the time.) With his address in my pocket, I hailed a taxi from the airport in Munich (at night and with no knowledge of German) and showed up at his door. We spent the evening searching for a hotel rooom for me b/c it turned out he lived in a boys' dormitory!

  4. Wow, that's quite a bike you've got there! Wishing you a summer of beautiful cruising ...

  5. Wow! That is adventurous! My sis rides a motorcycle, too. I'm too chicken. I would never!! My sister actually quit an executive banking position to open up a motorcycle apparel for women business called VaVaVroom! If you want any women's gear, check out! :)
    Safe travels!!

  6. oooh very sexy!! hehe Go you!! :o))

  7. Ooooh, so cool. Several years ago, my brother bought a very small motorcycle (couldn't tell you what kind) and talked me into getting on it and going for a ride, by myself. I truly enjoyed it, but he forgot to tell me how to turn around and how to stop. What an interesting ride. But I rode for about a mile, before I figured out how to turn around. In the end, he reached out and grabbed the cycle to stop it; I was going really, really slow. That was sooooo much fun.

    ~ Yaya
    Yaya's Home

  8. Two of my brothers and wives ride Harleys. One of them came to Idaho last year and rented a bike to go on some rides. He didn't go 'see' anything. Just rode. That's just what you do on a Harley. :) Congrats on the big purchase!! I'm sure you'll have a great time with it.

  9. Kitty--It's 900 pounds! The salesman kept reminding Walt to not let it run out of gas. LOL.

    Starting a blog did it for me too. I was so scared of technology.

    Susan-I'm glad you're coming back to check out Laura's interview. :)

    Wendy R.--That was really brave! I worry so much when my daughter and I go to England by ourselves that something might go wrong.

    Joanne--Thanks! We're hoping to have a fun summer. :)

    Kelly--Thanks for the link! I was surprised by how not-scared I was with Walt. I guess after 26 years together, I trust him.

    Niki--Yep, time to lose a few pounds...

    Yaya--Great story! I would be terrified to drive it. I don't want to pay that much attention to the road and its hazards.

    Amy--Just ride...hmmm...I'm such a destination person. Maybe the Harley will make me become a more go with the flow gal???

  10. How fun! Our town hosts a big bike rally every year. The rally is in two weeks. Maybe y'all should come down for that one year.

    Out of my comfort zone-hmmm-
    I guess climbing rocks up Pinnacle Mountain-I made it halfway up the steep section yesterday before I started thinking about it too much and my head started spinnin' and my stomach started flippin' and floppin' and my knees started shakin'...I'll make it to the top next time. I just need someone with me next time to make me do it.

  11. Heather--(My sister, I'm guessing???) I'm not quite up to the twelve hour drive on the bike to your place, yet. We'd have to get a trailer...

    Good for you climbing Pinnacle! Mum told me you were going to do it. :) You're right, you probably should have someone with you.

    Thanks for stopping in. :) Miss ya!

  12. Cool, Sharon -- good for you! Nithing better than the feeling of wind in your hair!

    Writing fiction (going public about it) and blogging have taken me completely out of my comfort zone. In fact, I would say I'm still trying to plant my feet firmly in the latter :).

  13. You're a wild woman! I love the smell of campfire. It makes me want a s'more!

  14. Hema--I'm not that wild...I'll have my helmet on every time.

    You're doing a great job blogging!

    Jill--"Wild woman"...I'm trying. I felt younger than my 44 years on that bike. :)

    S' there's a topic to blog about!

  15. What an awesome looking ride. And who needs an itenerary? Just get on and ride. Enjoy. Have fun. Didn't know there were any states with no helmet laws.

    Stephen Tremp

  16. Stephen--Thanks! I'll have to catch that Harley feeling a bit more to head out without a plan...I was surprised that it isn't law here.

    Susan--I'm what?

  17. I still can't believe this, a Harley! Myself, I bungy jumped off a 300 foot platform set up across from the Queen Mary in Long Beach,CA. What a thrill!

  18. Sean--HOLY COW, you bungy jumped! I for sure couldn't do that...

  19. Never ridden a Harley that's for sure. I did recently apply for job in Brazil though. That for sure is WAY out of my comfort zone. The scary part is I'm still in the running and they've narrowed it down to three people.

  20. Ben--Thanks for stopping by! Brazil is a pretty ummm exciting country. We've thought about doing an international stint, but safety is important when you go out of the country. That being said, if I had no kids I'd is about having experiences...

  21. I think by now you are enjoying some pretty good adventures with your Harley! And I do understand your feelings. It is normal to feel a little nervous when you are taking some risk. But I’m glad that you took a leap of faith and got yourself a new bike. Once you get the hang of it, the road trips and adventures will be easy peasy! Just let your Harley do the talking! [Max Piedra]