Sunday, May 16, 2010


First, I have a sidebar question for you…Would you be irritated if I changed your blog names that are on my sidebar to your real names? I try to read ever blog I follow at least once a week, but if you comment on my post I make sure I hop over to your newest post right away. I don’t know if it’s good or bad blog etiquette, but I think if you read and comment on my post I’d like to return the favor.  It’s easier for me to click on your blog if I have your names on my sidebar….So, what do you think???

Second, I’ve been responding to your comments via email for the last couple posts. However, I’m not sure if you are getting them, via my Gmail account. What do you prefer my Gmail responses or responses on the original post? I am leaning to going back to the responses on the post, so everyone can enjoy the discussions. What do you think?

Lastly, thank you so much for the comments and emails about Stripes. It’s been a very difficult time and all of you have really helped me. THANK YOU!


  1. I've changed the blogs in my side-bar to real names, then I know straight away who it is, heaps easier. :o)

  2. I'll be watching this discussion. I wonder about the best way to respond to comments, too.

  3. Real names is fine.

    and I like when the responses are in the comments..then it really does seem like a discussion!

    Stripes...*sigh* hard.


  4. I wouldn't mind. I'm just thrilled when I see my blog on someone's sidebar. It's an honor, whether it's my real name or blog name. I'm not sure how I feel about email responses. I agree with you that I like the comment discussion following a post.

  5. Okay guys...I'm excited that most of you seem to like having real names on the sidebars. I think it will make life easier for me and other readers to recognize your blog. Often I see people's names on other people's posts and wonder which blog is theirs. :) I'm feeling good about this discussion....Thanks for the input!

  6. Awesome you are willing to put my name on your sidebar. Thanks Sharon!
    Personally, I respond to comments via email - though sometimes it doesn't work since not everyone has their emails linked in. But I find it easier and saves time.
    Glad to hear your heart is on the mend.

  7. I wouldn't mind in the slightest. Then again, my blog name is my real name. Yet even if it wasn't, it wouldn't bother me :)

  8. So, I'm also wondering about putting blogs in alphabetical order. Any thoughts on that?

  9. (See look, I'm following this discussion thread.) Alphabetical order isn't as good as most recent post first imho, because it's too hard to keep track of who posts when and respond accordingly. I recently added a lot of blogs to my blogroll because there were too many on Google reader to keep up with, so my favorites and those who commented frequently on my blog were getting passed over. If they were listed alphabetically how could you keep up with the most recent posts?

  10. Thanks, Karen! (I changed your your blog to your name:) Good point, I was just thinking it would be easier to find the names if they were alphabetical. I haven't looked to see if there is a way to do alphabetical and have a post listing.

  11. 1: No i wouldn't mind.
    2: respond by post it up, works for me.

    your reads comments sound good as well.

  12. Real names works for me! You have to make it as easy for yourself as possible!

  13. I wouldn't mind my real name used at all, and enjoy the comments responded to in the post. It does get a dialogue going as we scroll through all the comments.

  14. REal names are good (doesn't change mine :) I like reading comments in the commments. It's like a discussion that everyone can chime in on and learn from. But I also appreciate emails as well (I did get yours by the way!).
    And thank you for including me on your sidebar!!

  15. Do what works best for you, with all we have going on, we need to simplify and find the most efficient way, don't we? Hope you are having a nice weekend over there. It was crazy here, but all good, I guess.

  16. Hi

    I think you should do whatever you want on your blog! :-)

    It's a great blog and I thoroughly enjoy visiting it! Thank you for having me on your side bar!

    and big hugs for Stripes - a beautiful furry friend.

    take care

  17. I'm thinking of using your screen names on my sidebar. That's how I recognize you on other blogs or on mine.

    Does anyone else check out other people's sidebars? I do it all of the time...

    Thanks Kitty and Tess, I'm doing a bit better today. I'm going to a friends for lunch. She's written a children's story and doesn't know what the next step is. :)

    Thanks for weighing in: Niki, Janet, Shelley, Karen, Terry, Wendy, Jeff, P.J., Joanne, Tess, Kelly and Old Kitty (Jennifer).

  18. Change away! Whatever works for you. :)

  19. Hey Sharon, what's in a name, as long as it is in the sidebar? ;-) Seriously, though, I feel honored when someone adds my blog to their blogroll, whatever format they choose to use for displaying it...

    As for comments (both in my blog and in the ones I frequent), I prefer the comments section vs. email. This lets the reader join the discussion if they so wish, and also at their convenience.

    I have my blogroll displayed in alphabetical order and it has worked well for me so far...

  20. Since this is my first visit, I don't think I have a right yet to make any demands! Seriously, it doesn't matter to me -- whatever's easier for you.

  21. 1. Yes, use my name in the sidebar. My actual blog title is now: Wendy Ramer - On 'n On 'n On. Just changed it last week anyway.
    2. I prefer the emails, which I have been receiving, b/c I can see your responses without necessarily going back to your old post.


  22. Sharon,

    No problem here. Go for it. Also, please replace my link with:


  23. I like the idea of using real names - I have a much easier time keeping track of people by their names rather than their blog names. I may have to copy your idea.

    I keep my blog roll alphabetized. I like to comment on the blog of each person that comments on mine, and they're much easier to find if they're alphabetized. I really like it that way.

    I asked the comment/email question a little while ago, and almost every comment I got said they either didn't care or preferred answers in the comments section, so that's what I do now. I do sometimes email responses to people who respond to me that way, but for the most part I stick to the comments section. I think either way is fine and whatever works best for you is what you should go with.

  24. Thanks for stopping in Talli. :)

    Hema, I think I agree with you. Today definately feels more like a conversation than the last few posts where I've tried to send individual emails to people in response to their comments.

    Thanks fro sropping in Devon! I hope you'll come back. :)

    I like the name change Wendy, cute....(note to self email Wendy.)

    Great, Amy's okay with it too...It seems like everyone is okay with me puttting their names on the sidebar rather than their blog titles.

    Hmmm, Sean has a new blog. We'll all have to check it out. :)

    Thanks, Susan. I'm really glad everyone seems okay with me using their names. I think it will be a lot easier to check my favorite people out each day. :)

    It looks like I've got some blog formatting to do. :)

    I'm running out to lunch with a new writing buddy....she's not a new buddy, but a new writer. :)

    Thanks everyone for joining in on the discussion so far today. I'll check back in later this afternoon.

  25. Feel free to change my blog to my name. I'm just happy people include me in their blog rolls.

    And I haven't checked my email account in weeks. Maybe months. Responding to comments in the comment section is the best way to go.

    What I do is respond to four or five comments in one post. I think it looks a bit bad when I see 50 comments and 35 are from the host of the blog while 15 are from visitors. Just my random thoughts. Thanks for listening.

    Stephen Tremp

  26. #1 - Not a with me as you will.
    #2 - I've gone to responding by e-mail for several reasons. First, I find it more personal. Second, it's quicker and easier.

  27. Yikes, Stephen! What if you had an urgent email???? I check my email multiple times a day...I know what you mean it's nice to see when someone has your blog on their sidebar...

    DL--Thanks, I like getting emails to...I wonder if other people think like I do and send agent/publisher information out when they see something that sounds like something one of their writing buddies might find useful? (But I really enjoy the conversations that go on in the comments section.)

    Thanks, Amy---Hope you're having a good week so far. :)

  28. I've been thinking about doing some similar blog roll maintenance. I remember names better than blog titles, so I'm thinking of changing.

    As for replies, I don't always remember to subscribe to subsequent comments so I often miss replies posted on the blog itself. Gmail solves the problem, and I've never had a problem with not receiving messages from that account.

    (By the way, I don't know if I've commented before...not sure how I found you but I'm also in Iowa.)

  29. By all means use my name! :o) And I get your email responses, thank you for them.

    I don't know the etiquette either, but I know I for one appreciate people that hop on over to my blog after I've been to theirs. We all only have so much time in a day, though, so don't kill yourself over it. (I know sometimes it feels that way for me.)

  30. I'm all for the comments. I love the dialog. Sometimes, it's the best "conversation" of my day. As for comment payback, I do that, too. For me, it's a good way to get to know other bloggers. To move things from blogger to friend.

    Boy, that really sounds like I'm full of s#*&, but I mean it.

  31. I'd prefer real names. They're easier for me to remember, especially when the person has also posted his or her picture. And I prefer responses on the original post, especially since I seem to be having trouble with Gmail, as one of my followers recently said. And I'm also having trouble with the pictures on my Followers Widget. Ahh, the joys of Blogger!

    I'm happily a new Follower here BTW.

  32. Jackee--thanks for stopping in...I added a note in my Tuesday post about your challenge. :)

    Judith--You so not full of s#*&! Anyone who has read your blog knows what a wonderful kind person you are. :) I really enjoy the dialogue on my blog and on other people''s always fun to see what other people think.

    Ann--Thanks for stopping in. I'll have to pop over and check you out. :) Not everyone has real names on their profile or blog, so if I label thier blogs by their profile name I think it will make it more simple for me. I'm labeling what each blogger does in my side bar...writer/illustrator/cook/etc...