Friday, April 30, 2010


I’ve read several articles about posting your manuscripts on line…

The Guide to Literary Agents has a great post. (If you don’t get their newsletter you should hop over and sign up. It houses a wealth of information in every issue.)

Jane Friedman has an interesting post on how posting her manuscript really benefitted her.

Agent Kristin at Public Rants has two articles on posting your wips/manuscripts on line.

How do you feel about posting manuscripts? Do you think an agent is lurking around your blog and could possibly pounce on you when they read your marvelous manuscript? Are you looking for feedback from your peers? Do you worry about someone stealing your ideas or your words?


  1. I often post excerpts or full chapters. I've yet to post an entire manuscript. There are some established sites that host manuscripts for agents/editors to browse. That's another option.

  2. I would never post an entire manuscript. I would even hesitate to post a large portion. There is no copyright protection on blog material, so I think it's a terribly risky move.

  3. Hi

    Personally I wouldn't post an entire MS on my blog - because it's so open and you really do not have any control on how it is used or not.

    I think short extracts are probably less vulnerable because at least your ideas and style of writing are not totally exposed. I would be more comfortable with showing a short extract from my own writing for other bloggers to read - and it will be for feedback really!

    I think it's fair to say that agents don't spend (or have time to spend) time scouring millions of blogs!

    There are other forums/sites (some you have to pay for) you could join to get peer review - at least they are password protected etc and have site moderators.

    Take care

  4. Tracy--Thanks for stopping by. :) How's life in the bunker? You've got to have the coolest writing space ever! I think posting bits and pieces of a wip is helpful. I've gotten some helpful feedback when I've done it.

    Wendy--You are so right. The good thing is, no one can tell your story the way you can...So I wouldn't post more than a chapter or so. These articles made me really think about it though.

    Kitty--Wouldn't it be great if agents were lurking around though? It might keep everyone on their toes.

    I've gotten great feedback on the bits of my wips I've posted. I hadn't really thought about the risk of having someone take your story before I read GLA's post.

  5. The only time I ever post anything is if it's for a blog fest. A short scene. That's it. Posting too much of my writing makes me nervous.

    Great links. :)

  6. Karen--You know, I wouldn't have given posting a few chapters of my wip a second thought, now I'm leary about doing it.

  7. It happened to two writers I know. Agents requested fulls because they read an excerpt on the writers' blog. But that's an exception not a rule. Seriously, I doubt it will happen to me so I don't bother.

    I'm off to read Kristin's take on it.

  8. The only thing I've posted from my WIP is for the first page Blogfest. Anything else I've posted is from my previous novel that sits on the shelf. I believe small tidbits here and there is a good thing, it give everybody a taste of where all your sweat and tears goes. But beyond that...if your serious about being published, I wouldn't recommend.

  9. Stina--That is awesome! I wonder what agents were lurking around...

    DL--My eyes have been totally opened tonight!

  10. If someone can write well enough to steal my voice, then they can write well enough that they don't have to. As for stealing my ideas, well, I think your take an your idea would be fresher and more different than anyone who stole from you.

    I just value the input my friends on the internet have on my novels. Roland

  11. This is a tricky one! I would only post things I am 100% confident of, that have been polished to within an inch of its life. Perhaps it's just my own insecurities, but I wouldn't want to put my less than best out there.

  12. I've read more advice recommending not posting, due to copyright and theft issues. I think I'd say to just submit through the accepted and professional channels ... queries, contests, literary journal submissions, that sort of thing.

  13. Great question. I post a chapter and that's it. Yeah, I'm really concerned about people stealing my ideas.

    And thanks for the links. Very helpful. I've bookmarked Guide to Literary Agents.

    Stephen Tremp

  14. Sharon, thanks for sharing some great links -- I'll have to surely come back for them.

    As for posting my MS, I have only posted a little bitty part of my WIP on my blog once so far. That too took a great deal of hemming and hawing on my part. I'm completely okay with blogging now, and quite enjoy it too, but feel differently about posting my fiction. Don't know why. Somehow that seems like I'm baring my soul to the world :).

    Needless to say, I would never even contemplate posting an entire manuscript on my blog :-).