Tuesday, March 23, 2010


(This has nothing to do with my post, it's just a great picture from my trip to the Bahamas...)

So, what are you doing to build a platform?  In my interview with literary agent Mark McVeigh we learned that a platform is any media based entity you have that puts you out there for people to read or experience in some way. It could be a blog, a local radio chat, contacts you have with the media, even Twitter.

Do you have a blog?  Do you Twitter?  Do you facebook?  Do you belong to YALITCHAT?  Have you joined The Inkwell?  Have you done any school/library presentations?  Have you been on the radioWHAT ARE YOU DOING TO BUILD A PLATFORM? 


  1. So much to do, so little time, and when are we suppose to write the books? Here I thought I was doing well, but what is Yalitchat and Inkwell. Looks like Google is in my future. Thanks for the wake up call. Though sometimes I wonder...if you know what I mean. ;)

  2. Kathi--I sent you an email. I hope you got it at your .msn address. I agree, it does seem overwhelming at times. You are well ahead of me on publications...The Happy Accident is a great blog to learn about social networking...

  3. My blog is pretty much my platform. I am on Facebook, but mainly use it for personal (but do have blogger buddies on it), but I do post my blog posts on it too.

  4. Kelly--You have a great blog! I use facebook for family and friends, but recently I've picked up a few blog friends on FB. I occassionally link my blog to FB.

  5. I have my blog, which is my main effort. I have a Facebook page, but I don't do much with it. I'm a member of Goodreads and Scribblerati and received an invitation to join Google Wave - we'll see. :-)

  6. Shannon--What are Goodreads, Scribblerati, and Google Wave? These are all new to me...You are an amazing blogger!!!

  7. I blog, but am just beginning to talk about my writing. Actually, I'm just beginning to regularly blog. But I am loving it. I use my Facebook for personal use only, but post some of my blogs on it. I have a Twitter that I use to follow people. Guess I'm not building much of a platform just yet, but I'm just starting, so I don't feel like I'm doing poorly. :)

  8. Thanks for posting this. I hadn't heard of YALITCHAT before.

  9. Hi!!

    Before I start, I need to point out that you've got two http// to the link to the Knowonder mag under "Where to find my work". I only say because I couldn't figure out why whenever I click on it, I get a blank page.

    ANYWAY!! I did a google search for Knowonder magazine and there it was and I read "Just a Minute" and thought it was very, very, very sweet! And funny!!! Well done you!

    Ooooh blogging is fun!

    Actually blogging is a godsend really - I'm getting to read stories and poetry and bits of people's novels and see artwork and crafts - there are so many, many, many creative talented people around unable to get that major breakthrough so the blog is a great platform for all that, I think, and I'm all the better for it.

    Is the above the longest sentence ever?!?!?

    I admire everyone else able to twitter and facebook and go on forums as well! My writing course and work take all my spare time! LOL.

    Take care

  10. It just gets so overwhelming, I really do wonder sometimes where writers get the time to write! Blogging can get almost addictive, so much so that I hardly ever look at my Facebook page anymore. And I really need to check out Yalitchat and the Inkwell - thanks for the kick in the pants! :)

  11. I'm not really doing anything to build a platform. My platform and its growth are all fairly organic in nature.

  12. Sonshine--It sounds like you have a great start...You have a cute blog! I loved the owl contest. :)

    Emma--Thanks for stopping in. I hope you check out YALITCHAT. It has lots of good information. :)

    Kitty--Thanks for pointing that out...I'm still working on my coputer skills! I figured out how to link my livejournal friends to my blog roll this week. :)

    I think we learn a lot from each other in the blogging world. It amazes me how many strangers will willingly help you.

    Susan--Yep, I noticed your blogging more. As long as FB is the only thing that suffers, I think that's okay. I don't watch as much TV...I'd rather be writing my blog, responding to it or reading other people's blogs. :)

    PJ-You have an adorable blog. You post the loveliest pictures and you have beautiful thoughts that you share. :)

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