Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hilary Wagner's first book NIGHTSHADE CITY is coming out this fall:

The rats of Trillium City are underground and have been so for years. Little do the weary humans of the steely city realize, an ancient throng of strangely intelligent rats exist right under their very feet, thriving in the intricate Catacombs excavated lifetimes ago.

Last week Hilary created an award, The One Good Rat Award....

This is brilliant!  Hilary is giving out a blog award that's related to her new book. 

Hilary said," As writers, our own work is near and dear to our hearts. My debut novel, Nightshade City, is about rats, but it's also very much about family and not letting a few decide the fate of many. It's about standing up for yourself and deciding you can make a difference, you can succeed even when the odds all point to failure.

Therefore, in the spirit of Nightshade City, I've created my own blog award, which I'm very excited about! The One Good Rat Award! I thought of the heroes of my book and what they had to accomplish and the monumental odds they were up against to do so. These writers I've named for this award are on the road to publishing or already there and just life loving writers who deserve to be blogged about! "

I really think this is brilliant.  Everytime I see this award on someone's blog I will connect it in my mind with NIGHTSHADE CITY.  I'd like to thank Hilary for presenting me with the award.  I'm honored, but I'm totally impressed with the whole idea of making an award related to your upcoming book. 

What marketing activities you plan on doing when your first book gets published?

I'm still looking for workshop suggestions for 2010.  If you could click on the link and post your suggests I'd appreciate it. 


  1. Sharon!

    I just got goose bumps reading your post! Certainly it helps people remember the name of my book and also gives the award in it's spirit--fight, fight, fight! I had a heck of a time finding an agent and then the nerve racking process of getting that deal, so I know how very tough it is out there and I truly feel for everyone in the process. It's like you need a mandatory therapist while querying! Thanks so much for your lovely post and if anyone out there needs a sounding board through the process be sure to reach out!

    And Sharon, you are very much One Good Rat!! :)

    xoxo -- Hilary

  2. Hilary--Thanks for not being a stranger on my blog. :) I felt your award was such a great idea, I had to share it with others. You've been great about sharing your journey. I have to think that once you have an agent, the writing process becomes easier. You can focus on your words and not worry about where you should send each piece. Cross your fingers for me as I start the searching process.

    And, thanks for calling me One Good Rat. I appreciate the compliment. :)

  3. Very cool! I saw the award on Hilary's blog. :)

  4. This really is a clever idea.

    I don't know exactly what I'll do when my novel comes out (can't believe I get to say that now!)....I've got to start planning, I guess.

  5. Elana--I think it's brilliant!
    Tess--You'll think of something...and it will be beautiful and brilliant. :)

  6. I won't allow myself to speculate about anything past getting an agent. Baby steps! I consider landing an agent a big enough dream right now.

    I do think that Hilary's award ROCKS!!

  7. The award is very cool, but Hilary's book sounds fantastic!! I know four nine-year olds at my house who would be all-in for a secret rat society!

    And...yes. The marketing. [sigh] Never. Ends.

  8. DL--You are right. One foot in front of the other all the way. Today I narrowed down my top 50 agents to my top 9. Tomorrow I do more research (reread and take notes) and start the hunt. I agree Hilary's award is wicked cool!

    Amy--I was sure you'd have lots of marketing tibits to add here. I'm pretty sure Hilary is working on a sequel, so the boy will have that to look forward to too. :)

  9. I thought this was a great idea as well! We are currently in brainstorm mode when it comes to marketing ideas for when our book is released. I can't think of anything more fun to think about though!

  10. Lisa & Laura--I love bookmarks. My friend, Laura Bradford, put upcoming book release dates on her last book release bookmark. She gave them away at a launch party. She followed the party with a presentation at a local library. Laura writes women's fiction and mysteries. But you could do a similar thing with kids and school libraries.

  11. Her book sounds awesome and the award is very cool. Lots of great stuff going on on your blog.

  12. Susan--I agree, NIGHTSHADE CITY sounds great. Hilary has posted little bits of her writing on her blog...good stuff!

    I'm glad you are seeing something you enjoy over here in Random World....You never know what I might talk about: writing, weather, books, my addiction to taking pictures of toilets....

  13. Great idea!!!

    I hope to have the chance to market my book one day! My current WIP has a rock edge to it, so possibly something with music.

  14. No award is ever going to top "One Good Rat."

    Printz, Schmintz.

    Watch out rodents, here I come!

  15. Kelly--I hope to have that chance too...Very cool...rock edge...I can't remember what agent it is, but she's a blogger, said she was looking for something like that....Could be Colleen.

    Jennie-LOL...Some days I'm a better rat than other days...