Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Look What I Found...


Monday, after a grueling workout, I began working in the garden. We have four bushes that have nickel sized white and yellow flowers all over them, in the summer. The branches remind me of a weeping willow tree. As I trimmed back the branches, I made a wonderful discovery. This perfect little nest was nestled in the weepy branches. I have no idea what kind of bird made it. There were remnants of eggs under the bush. They were pale blue (paler than a robin's egg) and about half the size of a dime. Notice the size of the nest. It's not much bigger than the address label on my Writer's Digest magazine. Any ideas?

This afternoon, my daughter and I took the dog for a walk. Every where we went we saw bird nests. As you enjoy the fall weather, stop and look in the empty trees. You'll be amazed when you look at the details in every bird nest you come across. Look at the materials they used. Look at the structure. Look at the shape. Look at the positioning of the nest in the tree. Do you think the bird will be back next year? What kind of bird do you think made it?

People are always saying, "Stop and smell the roses." I say stop and look at the little details of life. It will help you be a better writer. If you're not a writer, it will help you appreciate the world around you.

What have you seen lately that made you think, Wow?


  1. Oddly, one of the things that makes me say, "Wow!" is seen outside my little Secret Office Window. And it is man-made. You see, I love looking at the promise of Christmas as the beautifully-lit semi-trucks trail past my country home Every. Single. Night. Its almost like having Christmas trees marching past. I get all giddy with each new dance of lights.
    I can't wait to see what it will be like when the snow flies. ~ Just Joany/Yaya
    Yaya's Home
    Red Wagon Flights

  2. Hi! Just popped over from Rachelle's blog where your comment made me snort with laughter! Glitter! HAHA! Look forward to reading more!

  3. This morning I jumped on my bike to take a leisurely stroll when I noticed a Praying Mantes half the size of my hand perched on my handle bar. That really made me say WOW. So to let this wonderful creature enjoy his time...I walked instead.

  4. Peep, peep, peep. ;) Good advice, as always.

  5. How pretty and what a natural and lovely find! Hmm...maybe you could put some fake tiny flowers in it or put it under a glass frame and pin it inside? It certainly is a treasure!

  6. Okay, this stinks! I just typed up a response to each of you and like magic it disappeared. UGH! (Here go the shorter versions)

    Joany--I love lights and snow too. Hope you have fun decorating for Christmas. We start the day after Thanksgiving.

    Robin--Really? Who puts glitter in their queries? (Spraying with perfume and sealing with a kiss is a different story.) LOL

    Sherrie--Always carry a camera. I try to for just those kind of momments.

    Amy--Thanks, I'm learning from the best. :)

    Ocean Dreams--I put the nest back when I had taken the photo. I hope to see who it belongs to next spring.

  7. Thanks to everyone for stopping by. :)