Friday, October 16, 2009

What's On Your Shelf?

I find keeping my books in order is a great way to keep track of what I have already read. The above picture shows the books I have read. It's a mix of picture books, mid-grade chapter books, WWII books, young adults and the occasional adult book. I have another shelf for autographed books. My books are all organized into sections: travel books, adult fiction, classics, Christian, poetry and of course resource books. I've discovered that having my books sorted into categories helps when I begin researching a specific genre. I keep that subject matter or type of book together so they are easily found if needed. They do get mixed up on the I've read shelves, after I am finished with them. So now you know...I like organization. I have a similar organizational system in my email and my file cabinet.

I have a friend who just moved to our neighborhood. She was particularly pleased with one kitchen cupboard. It has a HUGE lazy-susan in it. She put all of her spices in alphabetical order. This is a great idea! I keep buying spices I already have because I can't find them in my spice cupboard.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE THAT HAS TO BE PERFECTLY ORGANIZED? Do you have a friend like mine with a great system? Please share...


  1. Thanks for popping by my blog. Now I know about your blog and I love it! Very interesting and motivational ... especially for writers - as you will know, sometimes it's easy to lose faith.

    I liked this post as I too organise my books into catagories, but I too have a muddled up shelf that contains 'books to read' and 'books just read' before they find their way into the alloted group.

  2. I just reorganized all our books last month. Between my husband, the English major, my son and I...we have a lot of books. Finally, I know where to find everything. Fiction on the dining room shelves, waiting to be devoured. Non-fiction on the shelves in the study, ready for quick reference. Antique books on the shelf near the north window, where direct sunlight won't damage the old, old bindings. And the boy's books...upstairs in his room, where he can pull them all out, one by one, and page away a rainy day.

  3. Sharon--it sounds like we are kindred spirits. I have all my magazine samples and publishing company catelogs organized in files. Thanks for the kind words.

    Amy--Very nice job. Is your new office up and running?

  4. Mine are too, Shelli. I put alphabetical labels on the spines, it makes putting them away easy.