Friday, September 25, 2009

Good Neighbors

We live in a wonderful neighborhood. People reach out and help others often and without being asked. Whether you've been here a year or five years. This week a friend moved into our neighborhood. She has been welcomed with cookies and cakes. I think she already feels a part of our community.

A month before we moved here one of our neighbors took care of our garden. She even sprayed for Japanese Beatles. This past July we had a big storm and lost power. Several neighborhoods rushed to my house to check my sump pump was working. Then hooked me up to a generator, just in case my battery back-up wasn't working had enough. We have wonderful neighbors.

Do you have wonderful neighbor story? I hope you will share.


  1. Mm...nope. Sorry. We have neighbors. Some are nice. Some are meth addicts. Life in the big city.

  2. That, my friend, is why we moved....Well not really, you have to move where the job is...It sounded good though. :)

  3. Sharon, I love your writtings!! We are very lucky to have a wonderful neighborhood (small town living) We recently got Toilet papered because of Homecoming week and our house just got plastered, it looked like winter wonderland and actually is was pretty. Anyway, our two retired neighbors helped my husband pick up 3 gardage bags of toilet paper. Our neighborhood is a mix of the older generation and a few our age, so in the winter we shovel their driveways for them and in return we are showered with baked goods and gift certificates to go out to eat, it is great!! There is a lot of good people out there, we are lucky to have a bunch in our neighborhood.


  4. Thanks, Paula. It sounds like you live in a lovely place too. Our neighbor's that took care of our house before we moved in are moving. They are going to be missed. Dianne and I kind of split the snow blowing on our side of the street. We have two little girls that live at the very end. She would snow blow one way and I went the other, so they could walk to the bus in the morning.

    Toilet papered houses can look very pretty, but the clean up can be challenging.

    Take care, Paula, and thanks for reading and posting a comment. :)