Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Book Birthday to Tracey M. Cox

Talk about a cute book!

What kid doesn't like bubble gum? On top of all of the cuteness, it's an educational book. It is a counting and learning colors activity book.It's also a great book for teaching sorting. As a teacher and mom I can see all the fun you can have with this book. Get your own bowl of bubble gum gumballs and do the activity as you read the book. Too much fun! Kids all love books that involve food activities!

Tracey not only wrote it, but also did the adorable illustrations! If you don't know Tracey, she is a wonderful resource for writers! You can check her out on her website, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram, on UTube and you can purchase her adorable book on Amazon. You can also check out all the books she has published!

Please check her out! We've been writing friends for close to five years. She is a great inspiration and an example of a working writer.

See you on next Wednesday, when I reveal who I had a meeting with in England...


  1. That does look so cute!! and educational at the same time; how can you beat that? Congrats to Tracey for the release of this book!!!

  2. That's an adorable book! I'll spread the word :)

  3. Hey Sharon,

    Wow, that looks like a bubbly book. Cuteness and education combined. A winning formula! Consider this post shared. All the very best to your friend, Tracey :)

    Penny's alleged human,

    Gary :)

  4. Congratulations to Tracey on her book! It's nice to find books with an educational component.

    Thanks for posting a comment on my blog the other day, Sharon. That's unfortunate you had to deal with that, especially from those who should be there for you. I think that for many of us, including myself, wisdom and a thicker skin comes with a price.

  5. Best wishes to Tracy with her book. Kudos for doing such a good job. Kids today can use books that are fun and easy.
    Thank you for reading my daughter's guest post. It means a lot to her that she got a comment from you as you are a teacher and and a great writer.

  6. Congratulations Tracey on your book. Can't wait to start seeing it appear on bookshelves!

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