Monday, April 7, 2014

#midgrademadness Winners...

(The artwork is credited to S.P. McConnell. Check out Sean's new gorgeous website!)

Before I announce the winners and the runners up of the #midgrademadness contest, I'd like to thank the writers who have tweeted with the #midgrademadness and #sweetheartpbcontest. I'd like to thank those of you who have shared on your Facebook pages or blogs.  I'd also like to thank everyone who chimed in with #bepositivehour on Twitter.

Your participation makes me feel really positive about hosting this competition. Both Terrie and I noticed who was joining in.  We were totally impressed by the people tweeting about the contests who didn't even write in that particular genre.  Well done, people!





The winners for #midgrademadness are (in no particular order):
  • JUST FRED - Shelly Steig
  • BUTTERFLY GIRL - Sarah Floyd
  • LOOKING FOR LIZZY - Lauren Kerstein
  • THE PRINCESS WHO WAS NOT - Melissa Menten
  • CAMP CAMMOODLE - Terri Fields
And now for a couple surprises...
  • A CHAIR OF EVERY COLOR - Yanike Mendez- moved to the #yahugs contest
  • IMAGES OF THE PAST - Donna McDine- moved to the #yahugs contest
Runner up:
  • HOOFIN IT TO HOLLYWOOD - Kendra Henthorn

Honorable mention (wins a critique) because this person was amazingly supportive on Twitter and Facebook to all of our contests.
One more surprise to be revealed later this month....

#yahugs rules will be announced on 4/10.

Congratulations to everyone who put their work out there...It's scary to put yourself out there...Well done!
Congratulations to the winners.

Thanks so much for all the support! I will let you know when Terrie is open for submissions.


Theresa Milstein said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

I saw Ramon Ballard out there, so I think that's an excellent honorable mention.

Thanks again to Terrie and Sharon for putting so much time, energy, and consideration into these contests.

akaterrie said...

It was so much fun, so rewarding, and so exciting to see what you're all writing! Thank you for sharing, for baring, and for caring enough to take part in Sharon's very cool effort! I'm so humbled by her dedication! Thanks also to SP McConnell who gave the contest a sense of identity with his brilliant illustrations!

Tracey M. Cox said...

Woohoo! Seeimg some familiar faces. :)
Congrats to all!

Old Kitty said...

Hooorah for the winners!!

And look at all these hashtags! I feel so old! LOL!

Take care

Donna McDine said...

Dear Sharon and Terrie,

Wow, moved to the #yahugs contest! I'm honored! Do I need to resubmit to the #yahugs contest when the contest is announced April 10th or is it automatic! I'm over the moon!

Warmest regards,

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats to all the winners! Your contest is making the MG ideas in my head itch to get out!!! One day :)

Lenny Lee* said...

WOW! another cool contest is done. BIG CONGRATS to all the winners. im tossing confetti all over the place!

thanks to miss sharon (aka my blom) and miss terrie for taking so much time outta their busy lives to host these fantastical contests.

...hugs from lenny

Marissa Graff said...

Thanks so much for the generous opportunity and all the time and effort you both put into this. I'm over-the-moon happy right now :)

Susan Oloier said...

Sharon, you and Terrie are amazing! Kudos to both of you for the contest, hard word, and dedication. And congrats to all the winners. How very exciting!

SA Larsenッ said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WINNERS! This has been awesome to watch. Way to go to ALL participants, especially Sharon and Terri's efforts!

Robyn Campbell said...

Congrads to all the winners. And special thanks to Terrie and Sharon for the contests. You guys have stepped it up and have shown all writers about commitment, dedication, and hard work. Thanks again. xoxo

Janet Johnson said...

Congratulations to everyone! What an amazing contest and great opportunity. Sharon, I just love you and your great big heart. And three cheers for Terrie for giving so much time and effort to help aspiring writers. This contest just makes me happy! :)

MaDonna said...

Congrats to all!
Great contest to observe and cheer from the sidelines for.

Kelly Polark said...

Congrats, MG winners!
And thank you to Sharon and Terrie for all of their hard work and time!!

Martha Ramirez said...

AWESOME!!! Super congrats to everyone!!Thanks to both of you for giving us the opportunity!! X

Crystal Collier said...

Yippee! Congrats to all the winners. What a wonderful contest and amazing hostess! (You rock, Sharon.)