Thursday, March 1, 2012

Do you have plans for that day? (Two Tips For Today)

Do you love getting bookmarks or postcards from your favorite authors?

I do!

I've been thinking about what will happen  if when I get published.  I can hardly wait until I can create a postcard and a bookmark that goes with one of my stories books. So you're probably thinking, sure I'm going to do that too.  But what are you doing to get ready for that day?

I bought a special address book to put all my writing contacts in... So if you've ever won a prize on my blog or I've won something on your blog, or I've met you at a conference you will get a postcard or a bookmark to help me celebrate my book.

 Do you keep track of your contacts, so you can share your good news when it comes?

My new method for keeping track of my writing time, is really paying off.  I highly recommend you try it.  Instead of writing down goals, I keep track of everything "writing" I do each day.  I think it is making a huge difference on how I feel about my progress.  I am writing more!  (My house is a mess, but hey that can wait.)  It's different than crossing things off.  I do that on my daytimer.  I list my chores, errands, meetings, etc.. and I usually just put down the word "writing" after I have the other stuff written down.  So I still get to check it off (cause checking things off feels good).  But when I sit down at my desk and look at what I've done so far for that week  I am feeling really pleased with myself.

So tell me...

What will you do when you get a book deal?

Happy Writing Everyone!